Unfortunately, your humble publisher has to spend a lot of time in Houston, Texas.

Fortunately, Houston is a good eating town.  In fact, I believe they eat out more than any other city in America, Los Angeles included.

One of my recent faves is a place called Underbelly, a Chef owned joint a couple of blocks from where I stay.  They try to tell the story of Texas food, ALL Texas food all under one roof.  (Check out their Menu, it’s unusual…in the great and fantastic way).  It’s a little hipster, but it’s really good.  I usually hit it at least once or twice a visit now, because when I first walked in, the gave me a list of other restaurants they wanted me to try.  Yes, a Restaurant recommending other Restaurants!

And those restaurants were good.  Really good.

Anyway they apparently, since my last visit, they started offering a Double Double burger.


…what is now known as the UB Double Double Burger, which goes for $14, will be called the “Cease and Desist Burger.”


As reported by Eater, In-N-Out Burger took umbrage with the name of chef Chris Shepherd’s burger (double meat, double cheese), which in name is just a hyphen away from the very popular fast food chain’s Double-Double burger. (We can’t say that the two burgers are all that similar in actual taste.) In-N-Out sent a cease-and-desist letter to the restaurant earlier this week.


Underbelly spokesperson Julai Whipple told Eater that the action by In-N-Out caught Shepherd by surprise.


“Chris has never been to In-N-Out. He just thought it was a good name,” she said.


The news was confirmed on Underbelly’s Facebook page:


“The good people at In-N-Out Burger have taken offense at our humble `Double Double’ burger. So, from now on, our menu will feature the `Cease and Desist Burger.’ It’s the same burger–just deliciously legal and 100 percent Underbelly.”


H/T: Houston Chronicle.