What happened on Venice Beach over the weekend was already tragic, but to couple that tragedy with the sole death being a woman from Italy, on her honeymoon on Venice Beach? Now, this just hurts.

Her name was Alice Gruppioni.  She was 32.   I’m sorry this happened to her. I’m i the City wasn’t able to protect her, and get her home safe. I’m sorry for her new Husband, and for all he’s going through tonight.

And what’s worse is, she seems the victim of someone’s unrelated rage. The guy seems to be just a nut who decided to take the car he may or may not have been living in, and just drive it into total strangers.

This was bad.

This from Andrew Blankstein, Hailey Branson-Potts and Kate Mather’s story in the L.A. Times:

The suspect, identified as Nathan Louis Campbell, 38, turned himself in to Santa Monica police shortly after the incident. He was arrested on suspicion of murder and remained jailed Monday in lieu of $1-million bail.


Sources familiar with the investigation said Campbell made spontaneous statements to police at the time of his arrest, implicating himself in the hit-and-run.


Sources said Campbell had possibly been living in his car, purchased in Colorado about a month ago. Public records indicated Campbell had addresses in Florida, Georgia and Colorado.


Records also showed that Campbell had a history of arrests for minor crimes in both Denver and Florida, including a reckless driving citation involving alcohol in Panama City Beach.


In Colorado, a Nathan L. Campbell with the same date of birth as the suspect was accused of shoplifting in February 2009 and spent five days in a Denver jail; he also was accused of trespassing in July 2009 and spent 10 days in jail.


He had also been accused of trespassing in 2008, Denver County court records show. Denver police confirmed the records and jail time.


Florida public records show that a Nathan Louis Campbell was arrested in April 2008 by Panama City Beach police and charged with reckless driving with alcohol. He was listed as a transient born in Georgia.


The man’s date of birth, height and other physical descriptors matched those of the suspect in the Venice hit-and-run. Panama City police indicated they had received calls about the reckless driving records.


Witnesses said Sunday the car appeared to reach speeds near 60 mph as it moved about a quarter-mile down the boardwalk. The driver seemed to go out of his way to hit pedestrians, they said.