Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you, LACMA. We got our Stanley Kubrick. We got out Italian Masters. We got our Treasures from Northern China.

Finally, we’re getting us some African Art!

From the LACMA Website:

Shaping Power features Luba masterworks from the Democratic Republic of the Congo on loan from the Royal Museum for Central Africa and rarely seen outside of Belgium. Figurative thrones, elegant scepters, and ancestral figures actively contributed to the formation and expansion of a highly influential Luba state from the 18th to early 20th centuries. The exhibition includes a kneeling female figure holding a bowl by the celebrated artist known as the Buli Master, as well as the Royal Museum’s most iconic mask recalling the Luba culture hero—on loan for the first time ever. Shaping Power presents the richness and complexity of Luba arts, and lends insight into a world renowned African aesthetic and cultural legacy.

This exhibit is starting up July 14th, and running through January 5th of next year.

We’ll try to let you know when Tickets are available.


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