What the hell Bamboo Plaza? (aka the Empress Pavilion’s landlord — see below).

From the L.A. Times:

After almost 25 years in business, Empress Pavilion – the 600-seat Chinatown dim sum palace in Bamboo Plaza – has shut its doors for good.


Empress Pavilion opened in April 1989, an enormous Hong Kong-style restaurant decorated in shades of pink, burgundy and aqua, on the second floor of Bamboo Plaza, and its dim sum immediately “packed them in,” noted Ruth Reichl, then restaurant critic of the Los Angeles Times and former Gourmet magazine editor.


The original owners sold the restaurant in 2007 to a group of employees, including majority partners Ricky Chan and Joe Lee, chefs who were determined to continue the tradition of Empress Pavilion and keep the staff of more than 100 people. “Some of the ladies pushing the carts have worked here since the beginning,” said Stephanie Chan, a spokeswoman for Empress Pavilion and the daughter of Ricky Chan.


The owners said they were evicted on Sunday, unable to meet the demands of the plaza’s landlord. Stephanie Chan said that after a steady decline in business, partly due to the building’s disrepair and the absence of retail tenants, the restaurant’s owners fell behind on the rent and ongoing negotiations with landlord Anek Bholsangngam were unsuccessful.


“I am saddened by the closing of Empress Pavilion,” said Martin Lee, one of the original owners, “and my thoughts and prayers go to all the team members that made Empress Pavilion a success for so many years.”

Let me get this straight.

Bamboo Plaza has become a shell of its former self, with the Empress being the only thing that generates anything close to revenue. Said lack of things to do hurts even the Empress Pavilion, and your reaction is to RAISE their rent?

This reminds me of what happened to the Tar Pit…in that the Tar Pits Landlords did the exact same thing…and drove them out of business.

The only comfort I get out of this is the knowledge that Bamboo Plaza will be the next to go under.