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Why Parking can be ever so confusing at the Grove and the Farmer’s Market

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The situation with parking at the Grove-slash-Farmer’s Market is such that it deserves an extended explanation.

Okay, in the beginning there was the Farmer’s Market. It was everything the title implies. It was also a frequent hang out for Writers looking for good, but inexpensive dining in Los Angeles.

Around a decade ago, a developer named Rick Caruso decided to build a mall (for lack of a better word) directly adjacent to the Farmer’s Market. That Mall would become known as The Grove.

The two did not get along at first. There was a bit of contretemps traffic, congestion, and whatnot. The neighborhood wasn’t thrilled.

In the end, the Grove was built, and…well, they still don’t get along…except financially.

Yeah, the two feed off each other in a perfectly symboitic relationship.

And that’s about where it ends.

You have to understand that the Farmers Market and the Grove exist as two seperate entities, and the second you cross Gilmore Avenue, you leave one and enter the other.


Mixology and Marmalade are one side, and American Girl and…that…other new store are on the other.

Umami…well, that’s a part of the Grove. So are Wood Ranch and Maggiano’s of Italy…I…think.

Anyway, you have to be very cognizant of where you park because where you park is where you must be validated.

A constant trick of people who park at the Grove is to get validated at either Barnes and Noble, or at the Pacific Theaters. That only works if you’re parked at the Grove’s Parking Structure. But what if you’re going to Mixology 101, or to the Gumbo Pot? Well, just understand that those two establishments validate…but only validate for the Farmer’s Market. And the Farmer’s Market Parking Lot is perpetually full.

I mean seriously, I think since like 1975, there are always cars filling up that lot…24/7.

So this is a long way of telling you that should you park at the Farmer’s Market, get validated at the Farmer’s Market. Should you park at the Grove, get validated at the Grove.

Also, you needed to know the reason why things are the way they are.