There are small, unique pleasures to be had in Los Angeles that might escape the notice of the average Angeleno, much less the average Tourist coming to town for the first time.

This isone of a series of posts highlighting some small, relatively inexpensive things to do, to eat, to try in the greater Southland area. Some of these things you’ll know about. Some of these things may be new to you. Either way, they’ll be in the Tags section (to your right) under “Simple Pleasures”.

And heck, I’m not claiming a totality of all knowledge about these things. If you’ve got a Los Angeles Simple Pleasure, send it along, and we’ll try to put it up in a future posting.

Today’s simple pleasure: Parking in Beautiful Downtown Burbank

This is going to be a weird one.

But you’ll understand why, in context.

One of the great simple pleasures in Los Angeles is going to Burbank, and not having to pay for parking.


Now, there are Valet Services. And if you screw around and linger too long, or park in the wrong spot, you might have to eat a ticket. But for the most part, the Garages, the Streets, the Parking Structures for the Mall, for IKEA, for the Theaters? They’re all free.

The Parking Structure where Savannah’s is, the Andre Morton Steakhouse, that might cost you. But what did you expect? It’s Andrew Morton.

You’ve been in Los Angeles for more than a day…how often does that happen?

Granted, some people would rather eat their own left arm, than hang out in Burbank for more than two seconds, but they’d be wrong. They have a few nice places to hang out. Are there better restaurants elsewhere? Yes. Are there better Theaters to go see a movie at elsewhere? Again, yes. But is going to a movie there, and dinner afterwards won’t bankrupt you in any sense. Hell and no.