There are small, unique pleasures to be had in Los Angeles that might escape the notice of the average Angeleno, much less the average Tourist coming to town for the first time.

This is going to be one of a series of posts highlighting some small, relatively inexpensive things to do, to eat, to try in the greater Southland area. Some of these things you’ll know about. Some of these things may be new to you. Either way, they’ll be in the Tags section (to your right) under “Simple Pleasures”.

And heck, it’s not like this is an area that I know all things. If you’ve got a Los Angeles Simple Pleasure, send it along, and we’ll try to put it up in a future posting.

Today’s simple pleasure (and the thing that inspired these posts): It is almost too obvious, but…who doesn’t love wandering in and out through Urban Light?

It’s become the symbol for all of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Even if they decide to knock down the Ahmanson Building and start again, this sculpture will still be there through the process.

If for no other reason, it is just a collection of old fashioned street lamps, all locked in a grid, with room to move and explore through. It shouldn’t be that big a deal, but it is. It’s accessible, like Penetrable just upstairs. You can play with it. You can dance through its columns.

And this is while it’s still freaking daylight, never mind the fact that at night all the lights light up and it becomes even more pretty.

Like Penetrable, it’s technically a part of the Museum, so you should get up in there and buy yourself a ticket, but you really don’t have to. You can stop by, play in, and take a bunch of photographs of Urban Light without buying a ticket, but…remember LACMA is always raising money. If you don’t stop in tonight, make sure you stop in another night.


Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
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