Yes, you read that correctly.

How is this possible?  I thought Surfers were on weed, and were mellow and @#$%?

Okay, onto the story.  So there was a Pro-Surfing…ummm…what was it? An Exhbition? An Open??

Seriously? The have Pro Surfing Opens?

I did not know that.

Anyway, there was this Pro Surfing thing in Huntington Beach, and things got out of hand real fast.

Via the L.A. Times:

As downtown Huntington Beach businesses opened early Monday and merchants took stock of the damage from Sunday night’s riots, one shop clearly took the brunt of the mayhem.

As police officers forced an out-of-control crowd Sunday away from the beach, where the U.S. Open of Surfing had just concluded, people were funneled down Main Street. At the Easyrider bike shop, some in the crowd tore down a stop sign and used it to ram through a glass storefront window.

Ryan Hartzog, a store manager, said he arrived to the store earlier in the evening after an employee told him there would be problems from the crowd gathered at the surfing contest.


Employees closed down the store, and about a dozen people, including employees and their friends, stayed to defend the shop, he said.

The employees stayed in the shop, keeping the doors locked and the lights off, but then armed themselves with wrenches and bike seat posts when they saw people outside pull down a stop sign, Hartzog said.

He said rioters used the sign to smash through the window, stole one bike and tried to tried to take a second. Employees managed to hang onto the second bike in a tug-of-war with a looter.

The workers also recovered the stop sign.

Hartzog said at least six local residents aided in their efforts, lining up in front of the store and linking arms. At one point they chanted, “This is our shop,” Hartzog said.