I’ve said before, people from outside Los Angeles maintain an unusual interest in our collective misery. They love watching the worst happen in this city, as though we somehow deserve it.

People come here on Holiday, not asking about where was the City founded, or what’s the history of Chinese Americans in this town

Now, they want to know where O.J. committed the murders, where River Phoenix died, or where Hugh Grant was busted.

And to that illustrious list, we can add…this:

An investigation is underway after what was believed to be a human skull and other human bones were discovered at a makeshift altar in a Pasadena backyard.


Police were checking out a report of a possible trespasser on the 800 block of North Oakland Avenue Sunday when they spotted the altar. No intruder was found.


human_bones_foundThe bones were turned over to the coroner’s office. Police are calling it a case of suspicious circumstances.


“They’ll be examined forensically to determine whether or not the bones are in fact human in nature, then the investigation will determine if the bones were obtained in a legal fashion,” said Pasadena Police Lt. Ed Calatayud.


Investigators say the couple that lives in the home practices a West African and Caribbean religion known as Santeria, and they are cooperating. Some burned artifacts, along with animal bones, incense and candles were also found at the altar.


So far, no arrests have been made.