Is It Any Good?

Place that Johnny Rocket’s was modeled after. Seriously! In West Los Angeles.

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There is old school, and there is old school…and then there is the Apple Pan.  (In fact, it’s so Old School, it doesn’t have a working website – as of October 14, 2013).

Right alongside Pie N’ Burger in Pasadena, you walk through those doors, and you have stepped back in time.

I mean, seriously, you walk into the place through a real old screen door that looks like it’s surplus World War II. In a way, you feel like you’re in camp. Once inside, there it is, that unique square top counter. That’s all the seating there is in the place. Find yourself a seat, and have at it.

Sitting at the counter, things get decidedly no-nonsense. You may not to see a menu. Oh, and the counter is it. That’s all the seating there is. There isn’t anything off to the side. It’s counter or nothing.Cash Only Banner 2.0

You bascially ask for a Burger, and roll from there.

This place, for better or for worse, is an institution. And, as you may have noticed on this blog, we acknowledge how useless it is to review an institution.

That being said, Apple Pan’s reputation is well earned. It’s a damn good burger, and even better fries.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Well, if nothing else, the Apple Pan is going to make it simple for you.

Realistically, you’re going to get yourself a Hickory Burger, it you want to get what Apple Pan is famous for. It comes at you hot off the griddle, smothered in a tangy Hickory Sauce which makes for a happy day.

But as good as that was, the Fries were fantastic. These may be the best fries in Los Angeles.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: It’s a Cash Only establishment folks. Also, there are a limited number of seats, and this ain’t the kind of place that takes reservations.

Also, it’s closed on Mondays. Just so you know.


PARKING: Limited, but at least they tried. Apple Pan has a small lot out back, but push comes to shove (and this is what I did), you can park at the Westside Pavilion across the street. The first 90 minutes are free, with or without validation.


The Apple Pan
10801 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Tel: (310) 475-3585

Tue-Thu, Sun 11 am – 12 am
Fri-Sat 11 am – 1 am


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