Is It Any Good?

Japanese…something.  Bar Party place?  I wouldn’t know.  They were supposed to be open at lunch, and…weren’t.

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This is not going to be a review of the Back House. No.

This was meant to be a review of the Back House.

This was supposed to be a review of the Back House.

First off The Back House is a part of the same company who owns the Wokcano franchise, which I did not know before. I know it now because of the tunnel at the Burbank location that connects the one to the other.

Second, The Back House hours are a…well, a little iffy. The website says 11am to 2am, but…that’s really the hours for Wokcano, next door…which is the same restaurant…only it’s not.

Got it?  Don’t…believe…what you read…when it comes to their hours.

Doesn’t matter. I went to The Back House for lunch, but I would up eating in Wokcano. We all clear now?

So…what should I do now?

I guess I’ll put in my review of Wokcano…since it’s the same company and that’s the meal I was stuck with.

Let me put my biases on the table.

You say “Pan-Asian” and I start to get nervous. And that’s what Wokcano is really, a Pan Asian restaurant. Where else do you see both Chicken Teriyaki and Mongolian Beef on the same menu.

So…Wokcano is a “Pan-Asian” place?

Slow your roll.

That being said, you start throwing Sushi on that menu, I’m thinking you’ve gone Japanese. It’s not an unreasonable assumption, after all. You got Edamane and Gyoza on the menu as well.

So..Wokcano is a Japanese place?

How about this, let’s start with what Wokcano is. It’s meant to be a hangout, a place where tired, hungry and thirsty Warner Bros. or Disney workers can come after work to watch the game, have a brew or have a bite. As far as that goes, Wokcano works great. I mean, it’s a fantastic looking Restaurant. You walk inside and you want to hang out here. The service is top notch. I think this is one of the better gigs being a Waitress/Waiter/Bartender in Burbank, so they get good people here. You will not lack for attention, friendliness or help while you’re at Wokcano.

The food though?  Ehhhh…meh.

Now, let’s be clear the food isn’t terrible. You won’t instantly regret what you order by any stretch. It’s just that you can do so much better. You can do so much better even in Burbank.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: How should I know?  The Back House said they were going to be open, and they weren’t.  So, I don’t owe them a lot of love there.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Don’t believe a word of what their operating hours are.


PARKING: The good news is that Wokcano and The Back House are a part of one of these mega huge Retail/Residence complexes that are all the rage.  So there is a Parking lot in the building where they reside.  It’s a bit hidden, but it’s the first left past Wokcano.  The bad news fills up really, really stinkin’ fast, so…

You’re dreaming if you’re thinking there’s street parking.  You may get lucky and stumble upon street parking, but…I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Consult our Burbank Parking Map to be sure.


The Back House
150 S. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502

Tel: (818) 524-2288

Daily: 11am – 2am (** With provisos!)