Is It Any Good?

The very thing to soothe one’s savage breast (SAUSAGES!), in Hollywood.

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Let’s be honest, there are some crap restaurants in Hollywood. Joints designed to do nothing more than separate a fool (I’d be the fool in this equation) and his money.

For example, there was a terrible, terrible Barbecue joint just off of Cahuenga, called…


Damn, I can’t remember.

Doesn’t matter now, it’s gone. El Foldo. Kaput. Out of business. And as you can tell, it won’t be missed.

So cometh Berlin Currywurst in its place. The one thing I like about anything even resembling German Beer halls is how much emphasis is placed on comfort and joy. They’re never too fancy. They’ve never too elaborate, and they don’t get all full of themselves. After all, c’mon…it’s a place to get a brew and a dog. All that matters is how good is the beer, how good are the dogs.

Wurstküche in Little Tokyo is one of my happy places now. It does the whole Germanic comfort and joy thing to perfection. But we’re here to talk about Berlin Currywurst, and this is a nice place. Kudos to ownership for even trying this in the middle of Hollywood, where open air Beer Gardens aren’t exactly on anyone’s mind so close to Hollywood traffic. Despite that, it was a nice sit. The foul whatever coming from the street didn’t touch the customers inside the restaurant. I was really surprised by that.

Berlin Currywurst is not a place that’s going to do as much as Wurstküche, or necessarily do it as well. Wurstküche grinds their own sausages. I don’t think Berlin Currywurst is doing that. Wurstküche has like 51 beers available, Berlin Currywurst has like 24. If you want a mathematical view of the differences between the two restaurants, there is it.

But should Berlin Currywurst be penalized in your mind, my mind, anyone’s mind for just having 24 Beer selections? Of course not. That’s now how you gauge a place like this. You gauge a place like this by whether or not you liked the damn sausage, not whether it was the greatest thing ever. I like their sausage. I enjoyed my brew. Put together, I liked my time there. For doing that, Berlin Currywurst doesn’t have to apologize to anyone.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: The Hollywood Menu is a bit different from the Silverlake Menu, apparently. Things are a little more customizable in Hollywood. You choose a meat, you choose a style, then you choose a sauce or a topping (depending if you’ve gotten it in a bun or as traditional currywurst), then you choose a heat level.

Now, my policy is, until I’ve tried a place once or twice, when I’m given a choice, I dial down the spice level as low as I can make it.

I know, I’m a wimp, but every place seems to have it’s own definition of what’s spicy, so I tend to be careful.

I went with the Bratwurst in the bun. Which means I got Sauerkraut as a topping. I also got the Belgian Fries, with the Lemon Aioli dipping sauce. The Fries weren’t bad, but they weren’t nearly as good as the ones at Wurstküche. But the Lemon Aioli sauce, which was urged upon me by both the Cook and my Waitress turned out to be a damn good idea. It was tasty in the extreme. No regrets there. I will have that again.

The Bratwurst itself was damn good. Again, I didn’t get the full feeling of a hand ground and hand made sausage, but it was still a damn good meal. The bun got my attention in that it did look hand made. It was made with a dough with a touch of sweetness about it. Again, not as good as Wurstküche, but they acquitted themselves proudly. This was a good sausage. I’ll come back again.


PARKING: Good, but…well…odd. If you come in from either direction of Cahuenga, there are a number of slots alongside the restaurant. There are five or six, so you should be able to get in comfortably. The only odd thing is, the Car slots are painted in such a way that’s totally the opposite of the way you came in. In other words, until they get those things repainted, you’re going to have to do a bit of a three point turn in the Lot to get in the proper way.

But other than that, who cares, right? The Parking’s free, the Beer plentiful. Who could ask for more?


Berlin Currywurst – The Beer Garden (Hollywood)
1620 N. Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Tel: (323) 467-7593

Monday-Wednesday 12 pm – 12 am
Thursday-Saturday 12 pm – 2 am
Sunday 11 am – 12 am