Is It Any Good?

Burgers…and cars (at least on Friday nights)…in Burbank.

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Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank is one of the original Big Boy restaurants. (We had our share of them, growing up in Washington D.C.) They serve what they serve. Straight up diner food. Not the best, not the worst in the world. When it comes to this particular location, that’s not the point.

What is the point…and what makes this place special is the Classic Car show held there every Friday night.

Local owners of vintage, restored and excellently maintained classic roadsters from the 50s and early 60s drive down to Bob’s Big Boy on Friday nights, parks in the drive-thru, and just show off. The general public is invited to tour the cars.

Granted, you should be really into cars before attending this event. Those not so automobily inclined may find this event, a little boring. But for the rest of you, you’re in car lovers paradise.

You’re not going to drive these American classics or anything. But you can get a good, up close look at them, ask the Owner some questions, and generally have a family friendly, fun evening. There’s not going to be any street racing, or anything remotely dangerous. It’s just a change to hang out with some vintage Americana, and maybe have Burger on your way home.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Well, probably something in the neighborhood of a Bob’s Big Boy (actual name, actual burger), or any one of the Burgers they have on the menu. Anything else…

We maintain some rules on this here site, and one of them is called The Philippe’s Rule, which basically says you so authentic wherever possible. Strange thing is, Philippe’s wasn’t the reason we created The Philippe’s Rule…it was this place.

The second I saw Teriyaki Chicken on the Menu, you just had to know it was a no go for any sane and ratioaln person who knows how to order off a menu. I’m sure…that…wellwhatever it is that Bob’s Big Boy calls Teriyaki Chicken is just fine and dandy, I’m also sure…it ain’t Teriyaki Chicken.

Stick to the basics, and you’ll eat well.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: I shouldn’t have to tell you to be very, very, very careful and very, very, very respectful around the Cars for the Classic Car show do I? Just play nice, and I’m sure we’ll all get along just fine,.

Also try not to annoyed at the plethora of people out front taking their picture with the Big Boy statue. It happens.


PARKING: Well, Bob’s Big Boy has its own lot, right in back of the Restaurant. It’s free, but usually crowded, even on weekday lunch hours. This ain’t exactly a place for Valet Parking, so…put that right out of your mind,

For weekends of the Classic Car Show, well…forget all about parking there all together. Look for a place along Riverside, and hope for the best. At worst, we’re talking about a block or two’s walk.


Bob’s Big Boy (Burbank)
4211 W Riverside Dr
Burbank, CA 91505

Tel: (818) 843-9334

Daily: 24 hours