Is It Any Good?

Greatest…Food Truck…ever.

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There is no way to adequately express my love for the Spicy Pork Tacos at the Kogi BBQ Truck.

This is a love that is deep and broad. Yet, these are Tacos that I’ve only had four times in my life, and I still think about in between visits to both Kogi BBQ and the Alibi Room.

I’m thinking about them now.

No, not “thinking about them now” as I write this. I’m “thinking about them now” at whatever random time of the day you are reading this blogpost.

Kogi BBQ is of course, a Food Truck. It is my favorite Food Truck. It is a Food Truck that you may have heard about on such television shows as…this one. It is a Food Truck that you may think is a tad overhyped.

It is not.

If Kogi BBQ is in your town, go find itright now.

As in…stop reading this blog, and go get your Tacosright now.

Vegetarian? Don’t worry, they got you covered. They have Tofu Tacos.  I doubt they’re as good as the short rib or the Spicy Pork, but they will still be magical. So again…go get your Tacos, right now.

Yes, Food Truck hunting can occasionally be difficult. You need to find a place to park. You need to find a place to actually sit down and eat. You need to have cash on hand just in case the one Food Truck you’re looking for does not take Credit Cards. And worst of all, sometimes the Food Truck you need, may not be around when you want it.

But when it is, you need to drop everything and jump on that mothah’.

Kogi BBQ, the Godfather of Food Truck Culture here in Los Angeles, is just such a truck. My Father was in town for week. We had plans to get a nice bowl of Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup, but I checked the Kogi BBQ Website on a lark.  It was going to be in Pasadena, and we dropped everything.

Now, my Father currently lives in Houston. Houston does not have the Food Truck culture that Los Angeles does. The closest thing he’s done to a Food Truck is the old Ahn-Joo that was in the Americana Center. So this was his first Food Truck experience, and it is one he’s going to remember for a while.

Now, to complete our Roy Choi day…we’re going to A-Frame.

But those Tacos…ahhh, the Tacos.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Haven’t I made it painfully obvious at this point?

You don’t have to do what I do. You have a choice of Short Rib, Spicy Pork, Chicken and Tofu for both Tacos and Burritos.

Get what you want, but get something.

The best part is their Combo Deals. You can get yourself three tacos and a cold beverage (in can or plastic bottle form) for an amazing eight bucks. That’s eight bucks for handcrafted, better for you, spicy delicous goodness that you can’t get at Wendy’s.

Oh, and no matter what you’ve heard, this isn’t something you can get it at TGIFriday’s either.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Mind what I just said about Food Truck Hunting. It can be tough, but ultimately it’s worth it.

But, if for some reason, Food Trucks aren’t your thing, or you just need a brick and mortar for whatever reason, you can get the Kogi BBQ menu at the Alibi Room in Culver City, just down the block from A-Frame.


PARKING: Not really applicable here, as this is a Food Truck.


Kogi BBQ

Again, like I said, it is a Food Truck, so locations vary. Please visit the Kogi BBQ Website for daily where and when.