Is It Any Good?

Decent Peruvian in Burbank. Who knew?

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It’s not exactly an area where you expect to find a lot in the way of Peruvian cuisine.

We’re talking up near the Burbank Airport, in what could be considered the more industrial part of town. There along Victory Blvd. sits Lau’s. It’s small, humble. Not decorated in an obvious “Peruvian” way.

There are a couple of Reviews on the wall. Good sign. Someone’s liked what this guy has done. Good sign.

It’s a bare bones, meat and potatoes operation.  (It’s Lomo Saltado…so…meat and potatoes, like…literally). You’re not there for the ambiance. You’re there you get a good lunch, and that’s what you’ll get. Ordered right off the blackboard.

There’s something about a place that has no menus that I kinda like.  Lau’s has just a list of the basic Peruvian staples written on a chalkboard. It’s the closest thing to Jazz the food world gets. A Cook takes what’s got, and menus accordingly.

Now, Lau’s is not the best Peruvian I’ve had, but it’s not bad. The Chef there takes pride in what he does. That’s obvious. He’s the one taking your order. He’s the one cooking it up. He’s the one running it to you, and taking your cash (more about that in the Safety Tip).Cash Only Banner 2.0

At the same time, this place is worth championing, if for no other reason that whoever opened this place had some guts. This guy is just in there, scrapping away the best he can, making you some good food, if you come by to get it. He’s the got the only Peruvian thing going, and there isn’t a natural audience for in Burbank. It takes a bit of adventurousness. If anything, Lau’s reminds me of Mofongo’s in North Hollywood. It’s a unique slice of Latin America that you don’t find everywhere. Particularly in dull ol’ Burbank.

If you’re looking for something different, give it a try.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: No Restaurant website, just a Facebook page, so…

Well, what you’re going to get is what he’s got on the Chalkboard is what you’re gonna have. I had the Beef Lomo Saltado and, I gotta say, it grew on me with each successive bite. Okay cuts of beef mixed in with onions, tomatoes, French Fries and a nice, nice sauce. For nine bucks it was a nice sized lunch.

Although, watch out for his hot sauce made from green chiles, it is no joke.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Ahh, a restaurant for which the Safety Tip was created. Lau’s only takes cash, but as I said, hit the ATM on the way in, and you’ll be fine.


PARKING: It’s all Street Parking, but at the same time, it’s all free. Lau’s is about the only place that’ll be drawing any traffic when you are looking for food, so you can probably park right on Victory. There’s a Bar to one side (at least it looked like a Bar), and a Pool Supply shop on the other.

You can try parking across the street at the Strip Mall with the Fresh and Easy Grocery Chain, (I think there’s a Bank of America ATM in there as well), but I wouldn’t recommend it. Strip Malls like that tend to get touchy about people using up their spots to go “off campus” as it were. Park there at your own risk.


Lau’s Peruvian Restaurant
2315 Victory Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506

Tel: (818) 848-1192

Monday-Saturday: 11:00am – 8:00pm
Closed Sundays

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