Is It Any Good?

The Berlin Classic…in Food Truck form.

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Ray’s and Starks are still two fine establishments on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s (LACMA) campus, but you might find them a bit stuff, a bit refined, a bit—-

–oh, hell…sometimes you just a dog and a beer, you know? Admit it, sometimes you hear the siren call of German Sausages, and that’s just it. You go, you find your one true love, and have sloppy, messy, make-up lunch.

The first time I heard the word “Currywurst” was in the Berlin, just over ten minutes in and past the first commercial break as I recall. It’s origins are still a bit of a mystery to me. All I can tell you (and I’m getting this from the episode) is that it was invented in Berlin. It’s basically a deep fried sausage (skin on or off is apparently a point of some controversy in Berlin), cut up into bits, and served with fries, a healthy smattering of ketchup, and curry powder. It’s very popular in Germany. It was popular enough in the time Ze Cold War, to have people cross Checkpoint Charlie in order to indulge themselves this little heart attack on a plate.

So, knowing LACMA hosted (indirectly) L.A.’s “best Currywurst Truck” I had to get me some.

I was in it, I was all fired up and ready to go. I was about to order me a plate of Currywurst, when I saw her.

The Keilbasa on a German Roll…with Kraut and fries.

Oh man.

A smattering of fries later, and a somewhat expensive Coke (seriously fellas? Two bucks for a can of Coke? A single can??) and I was in happy land.

Very few times are you treated to a moment of perfect awareness, a keen knowledge that you have indeed made the right choice despite straying from your intentions. This day at the Currywurst truck was one of those moments.

I will return one day, and one day soon to get myself a Currywurst plate, but until then…ahhhh.

Oh, man. I’d like to kick back and have cigarette…if I only smoked.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Something involving Sausages, duh. I haven’t tried the Currywurst yet, but it looks appetizing enough. All of German sausages on the menu looked damn, damn good.  The fries were…nice. I ordered me some with onions, and…well, I tasted mostly fries. Which is fine. There are flavors to these things, and I hope the others come with more pop.

No one’s reinventing the wheel, sausage-wise. Nothing here is the greatest in the world, but it will make you very, very happy.

UPDATE: March 30, 2013: Okay, so I finally got back to the CurryWurst Truck and I finally got back to actually try the CurryWurst, and…it’s not too bad.

Now, from a taste perspective, I’m sure you hear “Curry” and think the worst, as in intenstity of spice and heat, and oh-my-God, what kind of sauce did they put on that stuff. Relax. Basically, they took a bratwurst, cooked it up real good, sliced it into forkable chunks and poured what will taste like to you, a bunch of standard barbecue sauce all over it.

I say it’ll taste like that to you because…well, that’s how it tasted to me.

Good thing I love Barbecue Sauce, even the sweet and tangy kind.

Over that they pour some curry powder for a little bit of a zing, and you’re in business.

Now, this dish will not taste spicy…at first. But you keep downing those lovable chunks of sausage smothered in sauce and curry powder, believe you me, the heat will come and find you.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Yeah, that Can of Coke. Seriously? Two bucks?

UPDATE: March 30, 2013: Also, the No. 1 Currywurst Truck takes Credit Cards, but will hit you with a .50 cent charge for the privilege. Up to you whether you think that’s worth the price of admission or not.


PARKING: Yeah…look, it all depends on where you catch one of their trucks.  If you catch it at LACMA, like I did, you have options. So let me quote…myself from my LACMA piece:

Fantastically easy, but pricey. LACMA has a massive underground Garage that you can roll into for Ten Bucks (as a Member). I’d recommend it no matter the price because it is underground, and your car won’t bake as you’re touring the classics. But there is street parking available nearby.

Available, of course, being a relative term.


The No. 1 Currywurst Truck

It is a Food Truck, so consult their website or Facebook Page for updated locations.


Tel: (323) 857-6000