Is It Any Good?

Good Ramen in Reseda.

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Just because a place is in the corner of a strip mall in Reseda, doesn’t mean you won’t find good food there. In fact, more often than not, it’s a mark of quality.

I actually liked how the decor of the place reflected both Japan and Hollywood…but, mostly Japan. I mean, let’s be for real here. Ramen Nippon is pretty low key, designed to be a place to come in, enjoy your Ramen, and relax. The kind of place your Japanese Godmother would open (if I had a Japanese Godmother.)  There are no T.V.s, or loud music blaring. This is a place for eating, and maybe meeting someone for a bite. You can hang out there, but this is not a hard drinking-party place. There is a bookshelf filled with Japanese Manga off toward the back that lends the place a nice air of authenticity. The Waitstaff spent my eating and slurping moments speaking Japanese. Yes, little touches like that do add to the meal.

It’s also a good thing to look down the menu and see about a dozen varieties of Ramen, so if nothing else, repeated visits are necessary just so you can sample their wares.Cash Only Banner 2.0


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: I sincerely hope we don’t have to go through the thing about getting Ramen at a Ramen place, because I would be severely disappointed if I do.

But now that that’s settled, what Ramen should you get? Well, wanting to see how close this place would come to my beloved Premium Pork Ramen from Ajisen Ramen, I ordered their Negi Ramen, which is Roast Pork and Scallions and…yes, Ramen.

When trying Ramen (or any Asian Noodle establishment), the first thing you should try is the broth, because that’s where the joint going to make its bones. (And if you knew how stock was prepared, you’d really enjoy that last comment.) Ramen Nippon has a salt broth, something you can get a Orochon. What was interesting to me was at the bottom of the bowl was a black ground substance that I assume was black ground pepper. If that’s the case, then maximum thumbs up. It gives the broth a lovely kick.

The Pork wasn’t as nice as Ajisen’s, but who cares.  It’s pork for pity’s sake. It was cut up in small, french-fry like chunks, and I think salted. It was sprinkled atop a heap of scallions. There wasn’t a lot of pork, but it didn’t matter all that much. It was still pretty good. What this place taught me was the varieties of Ramen that are out there. Everyone is doing their own thing, and that is nothing but good news to Ramen fans like me (and hopefully you).

Can’t say too much the Gyoza I ordered. I really didn’t taste anything. They were just kinda there. AlthoughI will say, they served them fresh from the frying pan hot, which is also a good thing.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Okay, for one…this is a Cash only place. No Credit Cards or Debit Cards accepted. Also, the day I went, it wasn’t particularly crowded at Lunch Time. I hope these two tips aren’t an indicator that the place is in trouble, business-wise.


PARKING: Yeah, they got a lot. Trick of it is, Ramen Nippon is a part of a small strip mall in Reseda, and it’s got like…a dozen spots, tops. So be prepared for a tight squeeze when you get there. This isn’t a place that has Valet Service, so if you can’t get into the lot you’re going to be looking for side streets, and it didn’t look like there was a lot of room there either.


Ramen Nippon
6900 Reseda Blvd
Reseda, CA 91335

Tel: (818) 345-5946

Daily: 12:00 – 10:00 pm

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