Is It Any Good?

A completely average restaurant that does well for itself because it’s in the heart of Downtown Pasadena.

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Every once in a while, you pass by a place with a crowd of people waiting outside to get in.

Every once in a while, you decide to get in that line.

…and after you, after you had your meal, every once in a while you wonder…why the hell were people getting in that line???

Listen, I’m not going to tell you Russell’s sucks. It doesn’t. It’s a perfectly serviceable breakfast. It’s perfectly serviceable food. The food doesn’t exactly burst with flavor. You don’t exactly find yourself clamoring to get back (at least I didn’t).

Look, it’s one thing not to remember your meal a couple of days after you’ve had it, or a couple of hours afterwards. But forgetting about it a couple of minutes after you’ve had it? Or worse…as you’re having it.

Like with Il Foranio, I wonder if the success of this place is dictated more by its location than it’s food. Which, for me anyway, is just kinda there.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: You know…I usually review the Restaurant’s website to get the exact name of the dish I had, and share it with you. Well, bad sign number one…I can’t remember what it was. (What, did you think I was kidding about forgetting about that meal as I was eating it?) And two, Russell’s doesn’t have a website, much less an online Menu so…

The closest thing they’ve got is a Facebook page, so…


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Come early enough, be prepared to wait a bit to get in. It looks decently big from the outside, but it’s actually quite cozy inside.


PARKING: Consult the Pasadena Parking Map. The structure that’s the closest sits at the order of East Union Street and North Fair Oaks, which also houses Russell’s itself. It’s hours, and fees can be a bit strange, which is why I like to park elsewhere, like the Schoolhouse Structure down across Colorado. It’s a bit more of a walk, but easier to navigate.


30 N Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103-3609
(626) 578-1404