Is It Any Good?

The really, really good “home of the Doner Kebab” in Eagle Rock.

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After yet another…shall we say disappointing Dinner, I just wanted something that would at least grade as okay.

Fortunately, I went to Spitz. I didn’t just get okay, I got some really good, really tasty stuff.

Spitz is part of a small, but growing local chain of Donner Kabob Restaurants. Now, what is a Doner Kebab? Heck, what is a Kebab?

Let’s get a couple of things straight. Kebab is a word for the meat. Shish refers to the skewer that the meat rests on. Doner Kebab is sliced from a tall, rotating, upright spit. You may be more familiar with it’s Arabic name, which is Shawarma, or the Greek, which is Gyro.

So you’re thinking you’ve had it before. And you have, but as with all places that concetrate on one thing, like Spitz: The Home of the Doner Kebab does, the food is quite a bit better.

Granted, it’s a bit of a hole in the wall, and granted it’s primarily geared toward the college audience coming from Occidental College. It’s got a few seats inside with the A.C., and even more outside. But you’re not here for ambiance, you’re here for a good meal. And it’s a damn good one.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: I went with the straight line First Thing Rule and went with their Street Cart Doner, and got it as a wrap. I went with Lamb as my meat. It was, really, really good. It hit my mouth like a ray of spicy sunshine. It came with some really nice fries, along with Sun Dried Tomato and Mayo dipping sauce that reminded me of the stuff at Wurstkuche. Their lunch combo comes with a refilliable drink.

The funny thing is there is a Spicy Doner. I can’t imagine how much spicier it is over the Street Cart Doner.

The Street Doner at Spitz.

The Street Doner at Spitz.

(NOTE: I’ve made a visit recently to Spitz in Eagle rock.  Hence the above photo. It’s been remodeled.  It’ looks fantastic.  There are a lot more seats.  They’ve added a whole extra parking space!

But the Street Doner is not as Spicy as I remember, but it’s still as flavorful and tasty.  Don’t know what happened, but…there it is.  I still recommend the hell out of it, though.)


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: This is going to sound weird. But the Cooks over at Spitz do a very good job of wrapping your wrap in paper. Almost too good a job. You have to unwrap it delicately to keep the thing together. It only gets tough toward the end, when unwrapping that last delicious bit of Kebab might apart in your hands when you let the paper loose.


PARKING: Yeah. This is the worst part of the restaurant in Eagle Rock. They have a “lot” if you want to call it that…of all of two spaces. Three if you count the handicapped space.

So basically, you’re parking on Colorado. It’s free, but the only question is how close you get to the restaurant. Be prepared to walk, just in case.


Spitz (Eagle Rock)
2506 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Tel: (323) 257-5600

Daily: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm