Is It Any Good?

Remember when restaurants didn’t try to do anything fancy and just gave you a straight ahead good meal? This restaurant in Burbank does that.

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You do a lot of digging when it comes to Food Blogging. You’d like to be on the cutting edge of all things, but we all can’t be Jonathan Gold. So what you do instead is try to break things down. To at least show you what you shouldn’t waste your time with, and what’s worth the effort.

Sweetsalt is worth the effort.

We’re talking about a nice feeling, nice looking place, started by a Top Chef Alum, and serving…well, the basics. A salad, but a really good salad, a really tasty salad. A sandwich, but a really good sandwich.

The place has a rustic (damn, there’s that word again) charm to it. The decor reminds me a bit of Daisy Mint, in that we seem surrounded by Woodblock and half the items listed in the Restoration Hardware Catalog. The place fools you a bit (it certainly fooled me). It’s not a sit down and order place. Now, it’s based out of Counter Service. Kinda like Zankou Chicken, only nicer. More…pleasant.

But if you think about it, what we’ve got here is the ideal lunch place. (Probably Breakfast, too, but I only got here for Lunch). It’s quick, it’s comfortable, it’s cheap…and cheap in the good way, as in inexpensive. The very thing you wan out of a lunch place.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Well I went with something safe and familiar, in a place that specializes in giving you the safe and familiar done really, really well. So went with the Short Rib Sandwich, which is comes with braised onions, goat cheese and roasted garlic and brioche bun. Like I said, a straight ahead bit of cooking, and quite enjoyable. I followed it up with a what I can only describe as a Mexican Coke, in that it’s Coke without High Fructose Corn Syrup, instead using…gasp…real sugar. These are also popular down the street at the Burbank Umami Burger, and just half a bottle of thus mug will fill you up.

Another major problem, if you’re a food blogger is that you want to try as much as possible before jetting. I mean, how much of a review would it be without something else to talk about? So what did I do? I got some of their bakery goods. Yes, they have them at Sweetsalt, and they are good. One was a Lemon Shortbread, and the other was a Salted Caramel Shortbread.

Between the sandwich, the Coke with the real sugar…adding on the two shortbreads in a quick lunch may have been a mistake, but…damn. In that moment, I was, really, really happy.

So not only can these guys (and gals) cook, they can bake as well.

Wonder if there’s a place where I can get my jeans let out.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: It’s bigger than it looks from the outside. Like I said, it’s Counter Service. Walk through the door, turn right and place your order.

Oh, but you may want to grab one of the menus hanging by the door…you know…just so you know what you’re ordering.

What’s that you say? You’re going to use the link in the What Should I Get section? Why thank you? I put those there for a reason.


PARKING: Strictly street. This is beautiful downtown Burbank Toluca Lake. The first time I went there, I managed to park on Sancola, where at least the first block doesn’t have any permit restrictions. But be aware. Burbank has its share of Permit only parking.

You can try along Riverside, but depending on the time of day that could be a sucker’s bet. You may just need to be prepared to walk a bit.


Sweetsalt Food Shop
10218 Riverside Dr
Los Angeles, CA 91602

Tel: (818) 509-7790

Monday-Saturday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm