Is It Any Good?

ArtNight Pasadena is big time Art Walk in Pasadena, CA.

Artnight Pasadena is a once-a-year occasion where the doors of all the major (and minor) Art Galleries in Pasadena throw open their doors and take all comers. From 6pm to 10pm, you can wander the city, and take in all the Art/Dance/Music Pasadena has to offer. In that respect, it’s a brilliant. It’s damn good thing as I hope these photographs can attest to.

Armory Center for the Arts 6

However, that being said, there are a few caveats I should probably warn you about, and they’re all in the safety tips.

Pacific Asia Museum ?


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: There is a free Shuttle Service that runs between all the various venues. If you intend on seeing some of the venues, you absolutely positively must rely on this service if you want to see even a fraction of Artnight.

You will also note that I said “even a fraction”.

Muse/Ique Performance 2

Artnight Pasadena is one night, 4 hours long. That’s 240 minutes worth of stuff. There are 20 venues. That means you can spend a maximum of 12 minutes at each venue if you want to see everything. And that twelve minutes means you have some kind of instantaneous transport that can beam you from site to site.

What I’m really saying is you can’t see everything.

Armory Center for the Arts

Worse, even with the very convenient, free Shuttle Service, you will literally spend half your time on the bus. So cut that down to 6 minutes a venue, and I think that’s being overly generous.

Added to that, during peak hours, you can all but guarantee that more than one of the Shuttles you want to ride is going to be full up, and you’ll have to wait for the next one.

Artnight is a wonderful thing, a wonderful idea…but if I have one overarching criticism of it, is that it’s too damn spread out…which would be fine if the evening wasn’t so damn short. If this were spread out over two or three days, it would be manageable. As it is, you’ll be spending a lot time saying to yourself, “well, maybe next year”.

Armory Center for the Arts 4

PARKING: You can consult our Old Town Pasadena Parking and Valet Map to start. What I did, and it cost me a bit of money, was that I parked over at Paseo Colorado, and walked over to the Pacific Asia Museum. From there I was able to catch one of the Shuttles to the other Venues. Eventually I made my way back, but…it took a good chunk of time (as I said).


Artnight Pasadena

It’s hard to put this down as a single spot on a map, but to give you an idea of how spread out it all is.