Is It Any Good?

A once-a-year Art Show (more fore Dealers than for you) at the Convention Center in Downtown L.A.

First thing to understand before heading into this yearly event is that…well, it’s not really for you.

Yeah, every year, small Gallery Owners from around the world gather in Los Angeles to show off their wares. Wares being…original pieces of art. Price range? Well, the cheapest bit of art I saw ran $8,500, and the most expensive ran $45,000.

So unless you have $45,000 of disposable income, I don’t think you’re the target audience.

Neither am I, by the way.

All of the sudden, I wasn’t just afraid to look, but afraid to even breathe in the prescence of these pieces.

For the price of $20 bucks you will be allowed to wander said convention floor, with two very Disney-like provisos:

One, you can’t take any photographs of the art without permission of the gallery owner. Makes sense. These are after all copyrighted works. My problem was…that “rule” didn’t exactly stop every Tom, Dick and Harry with a iPhone from snapping away everything in sight…someitmes up close and personal. There were even people doing it who had higher end Digital SLRs like me.

Two, since you’re not exactly allowed to take pictures, what do you do if you like something. Well, going by the mentality of the Show, you should pony up somewhere between $8500 and $45000 and just…buy whatever it is. They’re not selling prints or souveiners or anything like that. It’s just the art.  You get to go and see it, that’s a good thing, but…that’s about it.  If you see something you like…prepare to go into serious, serious debt (unless you got it like that), because there ain’t no souvenir stands here.

The art itself is much more smooth and polished than you’d experience at something like the Brewery Art Walk. I mean, there is nary a false step in here. (I’m having flashbacks to the couple who poured paint over manikins and had televisions playing Death Metal Music in the background. That’s what you get at the Brewery Art Walk).

Oh, and at the Brewery, the prices typically ranged from $100 to $2000 bucks. Positively inexpensive compared to this joint.

The good news is. They do provide some amenities inside the Convention Hall. Food and Drink are served, and yes that includes wine.

Bad news is, you can probably take down the thing in an hour. It’s just not that big, and with all the rules and regulations in effect, and monitoring of guards everywhere, you just can’t feel comfortable.

If you have $20 bucks to drop, and have some time to kill, have at it. Otherwise, go to LACMA.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Just remember the main rule, no photography, and you should be okay. Although, it doesn’t seem like anyone’s going to stop you.


PARKING: The one thing I’d say is pay attention to whereever this Show is held, in what hall of the L.A. Convention Center, and pay the $12 to park there. It’s just easier. We have provided a L.A. Live Parking Map, but…trust me, stick to the Convention Center.


L.A. Art Show (at the Los Angeles Convention Center)
1201 S Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015