Is It Any Good?

…and not only do I think it a fair bit of  pushback to what I wrote earlier in the week, but it actually cleared some things up.

I hope I’m doing this with Jonny’s blessing, but I wanted to make sure his response to what I said got  front and center attention on the blog.  (Hey, if you’re going to write criticism, it’s only fair you post the response.)


Hello! Thanks for your continued reviews of the 626 Night Market. I’d like to address some of the issues you posed above.
1. Santa Anita beer stands: The mobile beer & liquor stands were definitely open. Santa Anita rearranged one of them by the south entrance and added two more in Sections D and E on Sunday. They did close one of the brick & mortar concession stands as it usually does not get much traffic.
2. New layout: Santa Anita required that all cooking vendors (grease/oil/BBQ) be placed outside of the garden paddock as they are preparing the grounds for their fall live racing season. The new layout will stand for future events as the food vendors’ operations simply take quite a toll on the landscaping. Fortunately, we’ve had more people positively commenting on the new layout.
3. Seating in D, E, and F: There was never any seating in Sections D & E. The picture used above is from one of the first night markets as we did not have food trucks outside for this last event. As the food sections can get the most congested, the idea is to encourage people to move into the interior to enjoy the shopping, entertainment, and artists–as well as find seating. On Sunday, we did add some seating to Section F.
As with each event we will continue to consider all feedback and tweak the events for improvement.
Thanks again for your continued coverage!
Jonny Hwang

Needless to say IsItAnyGood will remain friendly 626 Night Market Territory. The things I wrote about in the last piece were what annoyed me, but there were reasons why they did what they did.

Some amount of seating remains the highest priority for me if the Food Stands are going to be down in Sections D, E, and F., and these are the toughest nuts to crack.  But there’s a whole Fall, Winter and Spring to plan these issues out…as well as expand into L.A. and Orange County.

Wow.  Jonny is in for a busy year.