There are small, unique pleasures to be had in Los Angeles that might escape the notice of the average Angeleno, much less the average Tourist coming to town for the first time.

This isone of a series of posts highlighting some small, relatively inexpensive things to do, to eat, to try in the greater Southland area. Some of these things you’ll know about. Some of these things may be new to you. Either way, they’ll be in the Tags section (to your right) under “Simple Pleasures”.

And heck, I’m not claiming a totality of all knowledge about these things. If you’ve got a Los Angeles Simple Pleasure, send it along, and we’ll try to put it up in a future posting.

Today’s simple pleasure: Taking in the view of Los Angeles from the top level of the Grove’s Garage Structure.

I really shouldn’t be telling you to do this.

I mean, there are signs posted saying you really shouldn’t be doing this.

Still, going up to the top most level at the Grove’s Parking Structure, and looking out over all of Los Angeles, is one of the great views in the city.

This only really works when it’s clear during the daytime. But nighttime, it’s usually always good.

The trick is, it’s going to cost you parking to get in. And the folks who manage the Grove really don’t want you hanging around up there taking pictures when there are cars moving around looking for places to park.

Still, even if you’re climbing out of your car, and just taking a moment to look, that moment will take your breath away.

But be mindful of the cars up there. ┬áDon’t go rubbernecking when there are cars coming.



The Grove
The Grove Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90036