Yeah, sure. Oscar Night. The rest of you in America love it. But to the rest of us, the people who live here, Oscar Night can be a tremendous pain in our collective Southern Californian ass!

It used to be that the Oscars were shown on Monday Nights, and the occasion was an unofficial Holiday in town. Studios were shut down. If you had a job in the industry, you stayed home and had a party.

Now, the shows on Sunday Night…we all gotta work, and since the Show’s been moved to the heart of Hollywood (aka Hollywood and Highland and the Kodak Theatersorry, the Dolby Theater, those of us in the surrounding communities gotta deal with the headache.

Anyway, believe it or not the best place to get Oscar Traffic Information is the website. They have a PDF Document showing the traffic closure plan from 21 days out of the show, onto the show night itself. (As of now, we’re a week out.)

For me, as long as Highland remains open, Traffic will remain tolerable. But come next Sunday, I am staying the hell away from the Basin.