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Is It Any Good would like to thank all the readers out there who are clicking by whatever means necessary to come over to the site, read up on the restaurants we’ve reviewed, and hopefully had some good times out there in the greater Los Angeles area.

Thanks to your help, and your clicks, Is It Any Good is now:

Is it Any Good?? Los Angeles restaurants

Given where we started. No. 3 in the Los Angeles area ain’t bad (as of Dec. 26th, 2014). Plus, I’ve seen, read (and a few cases met) the other bloggers on this list. They’re good at what they do too, so be sure to give them a read when you can, too.

So thank you Readers, thank you other prominent Food Bloggers out there in Southern California, and thank you Urbanspoon for making this so much damn fun.

So, looking forward to 2015. There are still plenty of restaurants out there, plently of new stuff to do, stuff to eat and places to drink. We’ll cover as many of them as we can, and hope you’ll come along for the ride.


–The Publisher