Recently, I walked into Sinbala for a second, happy, spicy go-round and…totally forgot it was a Cash Only Establishment.

Fortunately, there was a Bank of America ATM not too far from the front door.  Still…embarrassing.

Me!  The publisher of this site.

Goes to show you that even I can forget.  So, to make that less likely, we are introducing our very own badge here at Is It Any Good: the This Place Is Cash Only badge.

Cash Only Badge (Full Size)


As you can see, I’m trying to make it subtle.

Yes, it’ll be smaller than this…but noticeable.

Badges are still being added so this may take till the end of the day.

The badge should appear decently early in the review, and should stand out.

Ya think?

Best of all, hit the Cash Only Badge, and it should (should) bring up a list of all the other Cash Only joints listed on the site.

Wow.  This whole HTML thing might work out after all.

But hopefully (fingers crossed, knock on wood, salt over shoulder) this will mean it won’t happen to me in the future.


-Your humble Publisher.