Is It Any Good?

A collection of Frida Kahlo’s photos at the Museum of Latin American Art, in its final week.

I am still amazed by the effect Frida Kahlo has on people, both her and her work.

For the rest of this week, the Museum of Latin American Art down in Long Beach will be hosting: Frida Kahlo, Her Photos, a collection of Frida’s photographs from her personal album. There isn’t a lot of her, but a lot of her family, her sister, her Father (also a photographer) and of course, of Diego.

Frida makes an appearance here and there, sometimes working, mostly recovering from the accident that had her wracked with pain most of her life, but she’s there.

Frida Kahlo

There’s only a week left before the collection heads back to Mexico, so hurry in here and get a look at them, before they’re gone.

I actually first tried to see the Photos on Memorial Day Weekend, and…well…that didn’t turn out so good. I decided to drive out on Target Free Sundays, so…everyone was there. And when I mean everyone, I mean, EVERYONE. The Parking Lot was jam packed, and there was no available street parking as far as I could see, I wound up heading back.

The second time, I decided early on, I was going to get there as the doors opened at 11am. I imagined going through the exhibit solo.


Museum of Latin American Art Frida Kahlo Line 1

At 10:45am, when I arrived, there was already a line out the door, and the lot was half full. This exhibit is very, very popular.

Museum of Latin American Art Frida Kahlo Line 2

It’s also pretty big. The Museum’s primary exhibition space is dedicated totally to this exhibit, and each room seems dedicated to a family member of Frida’s.

Let me just say, that wandering through, it’s a little frustrating because when you go into a room, you are confronted by a rather large picture of Frida or the Family member in question. Only when you look at the back of the pillar holding that picture, will you get an explanation of who and what these people are to her. It’s a little weird, but if you miss doing that little bit of reading, you may be looking at these photos without a shred of context.

Next, the photos themselves. Let’s just say that no one bothered to make enlargements, so all the time you’re trying to get a look the photos there is someone in your face, blocking your way. It gets annoying. It gets old…real fast. Because even though your fellow Museum goers are totally violating rule No. 9 of the rules of basic Museum Behavior, I’m not seeing where the Museum gave them much of a choice. To see these photos, you’ve got to get close.

Frida Kahlo, Her Photos closes on June 8th, 2014.

Not on display, but posted to give you an idea as to her work.

Not on display, but posted to give you an idea as to her work.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: The Museum only has these for another week, and have extended hours to accommodate the crowds. When you walk in, there will be a loooong line for people to get into the exhibit. That line is for Non-Members of the Museum. If you are a Member of the Museum, they’ll let you right in.


PARKING: Promising, but deceptive. The Museum has it’s own Free Parking Lot. The problem is, as big as it is, it fills up fast. If you can’t get a space there, I’m not sure where you’re going to get a space, as the nearby Street Parking is all but impossible to find.


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