Is It Any Good?

Soccer as Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Okay, I surrender.

I accept that there’s no escaping Soccer, especially if you live in Los Angeles.

And yes, I’m going to refer to it as Soccer during this entire review, so get used to it.

I  will probably never be a total convert to “the Beautiful Game”. Yes, I am a sports fan. Yes, I do hit an Arena every now and again, but…to me, at least to this American, Soccer remains one of the worst Television sports out there. It’s actually a pretty good sport to watch live, but for some reason on TV, with the flattening of the screen, the pitch looks impossibly large, and the ability of your average viewer to pick out their favorite players.

And for an American, the appalling lack of statistics is a deal-breaker.

But what can I do? I’m hopelessly outnumbered on this front. So much so, that the presence of Fútbol: The Beautiful Game at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art makes perfect sense to me. Heck, I even visited it.

Then, if you want to write a review, it helps to go and visit the thing you’re reviewing.

It’s a mixed media presentation. It’s got works from all over the work, celebrating the game, the players, the very Soccer movement itself. The good thing is that LACMA has dedicate a lot of space to this exhibit. They gave it the top half of the Broad Museum of Modern Art. That’s plenty of room, room for lots and lots of work. So much so, that at times, the Exhibit can seem way spaced out.

There isn’t much in the way of classical works, but fans of Modern Art and Modern Design will find a lot to love. This exhibit is even perfectly safe for the kiddies though they might find stretches of it a bit boring. Fortunately, there are a number of mixed-media displays, featuring game video that’ll entertain them.

You really have to be Soccer fan to love this full on, but even if you’re not…as I am…there is still a lot to interest you. The power of the game is something to behold. The thrall in which it holds people is simply amazing to watch. That power, that awe is given shape and voice here at LACMA, and it’s definitely worth seeing.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…there’s a Spring Training game on the radio, and the NFL Free Agency period is about to get underway.


Fútbol: The Beautiful Game runs through July 20th, 2014.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Nothing major. First off, you’re going to have to hop on that escalator to get to the top of the Broad where the exhibit is, unless you’re a major league exercise fanatic, and want to take the stairs. Just remember to hang onto your ticket, because the guards will be asking for it.

Also, a lot of the Art in the Exhibit does not look…necessarily like art. There is a Foosball Table inside the Exhibit that is an installation…which means, you do not touch it.

It is Art, and we don’t touch the Art in a Museum, right?



PARKING: Fantastically easy, but pricey. LACMA has a massive underground Garage that you can roll into for Ten Bucks (as a Member). I’d recommend it no matter the price because it is underground, and your car won’t bake as you’re touring the classics. But there is street parking available nearby.


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