Is It Any Good?

Columns of light in the dark. And yes, you have to actually see it to really take it all in.

So what is Light Invisible? It is the first large-scale sculptural installation by Helen Pashgian, who like James Turrell, is a pioneer of the Light and Space movement.

So who is Helen Pashgian? Well she graduated from Pomona College in 1956, then received an M.A. from Boston University in 1958. While pursuing a Ph.D. at Harvard University, Pashgian taught an applied art class at a local high school and never looked back. Instead of teaching about art, she would make it.

Which brings us to Light Invisible, currently on display over at LACMA.Light Invisible 1

It’s taking up the space that was once held by the massive Gabriel Figeroua exhibit. Only thing is there’s only the one piece of display. Still, Light Invisible makes a great impression, standing there in the dark, echoing back and back into what feels (for a moment) like infinity.

It’s a haunting effect. You step in that first, inside the inky black and the quiet, and the floor feels like it rises in front of you, even though you’re walking flat and plain. Trust me, even though I’m adding a picture of the final product, that picture won’t do it justice. You must come in and see if for yourself.

Helen Pashgian: Light Invisible runs through June 29, 2014.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Here’s actually some good news. Light Invisible isn’t like Calder or the upcoming Van Gogh/Kandinsky exhibit. It’s a regular part of the Museum. That means no extra charge to see it. No huge line to see it. Just walk inside, and take it all in.


PARKING: Fantastically easy, but pricey. LACMA has a massive underground Garage that you can roll into for Ten Bucks (as a Member). I’d recommend it no matter the price because it is underground, and your car won’t bake as you’re touring the classics. But there is street parking available nearby…if you can get it.  It fills up fast.


Helen Pashgian: Light Invisible
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