Alas, it is that time of the year, when…wellall good things must come to a (temporary) end.

Yes, Summer is over, and for this year…so is the 626 Night Market.

After this weekend, of course…


But before that happens, we get one more bite at that apple, this weekend, Friday (Sept. 12th), Saturday (Sept. 13th) and Sunday (Sept. 14th).

626 Night Market 54


This weekend at the Santa Anita Race Track is the San Gabriel Valley’s answer to all those wonderful Night Markets you see on the Travel Channel, the last of this year’s three 626 Night Markets.  (Again, if the 626 Night Market folks want to add on a fourth weekend, I still won’t stop them. )

Hours for Friday and Saturday run from 4pm to 1am.  Sunday 4pm to 10pm.

There is a $3 Dollar cover charge, and parking is free if you park far away enough (within the confines of the Santa Anita Complex).  Premium Parking costs $5 bucks.)

626 Night Market
Santa Anita Race Track
Front Paddock Gardens
285 W. Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007
(Gates 3 or 5 off Huntington Drive; Gate 8 off Baldwin Avenue)