Total hat tip to L.A. Weekly and Squid Ink for getting it out there first.

So, the Chinese Cuisine Festival Wesbsite is right here, but the basic premise of the Festival (which wasn’t up top, but further down is this):

Chinese Cuisine Festival is a 10-day event that gives foodies a chance to explore various famous Chinese food and restaurants’ secret menus. This very first culinary and ethnic festival will be held from March 7th to 16th, 2014. At that time, there will be hundreds of delicacies provided by 13 famous Chinese restaurants waiting for you to enjoy.

The main purpose of this festival is to rediscover some of the most reputated Chinese restaurants in Loa Angeles from the eyes of Chinese. Initially, this idea was brought out because we found that Yelp is not the best website if you want to locate a good Chinese restaurant. A great portion of Chinese food epicures and foodies may not be savvy yelp users who frequently make comments and ratings, however, they may be more reliable on judging Chinese food. Also, since almost every Chinese restaurant get a three stars rating out of five on Yelp, the rating may not be the best indication for those who try to distinguih these Chinese restaurants. Thus, for those who are interesting in having a bite of authentic Chinese culture and cuisines, we are more than willing to introduce some Chinese restaurnats that provide food orgined in different parts of China.


During the festival, numerous kinds of wonderful Chinese dishes plus secret menu will definitely bring a unique experience to you. You will have the chance to try out both of traditional and the most current popular Chinese food in a more valuable way. For example, one of the most popular Szechuan restaurant Chengdu Taste will release its very secret menu for you to enjoy the most popular dishes in China; Hong Yei, Little Sheep Mongolian hot pot, Duck House, Three Travellers Bone Pot, and Wok B.B.Q. will push out their super valuable combos; other restaurants will also offer the special menus.


The way of joining us is simple, all you need to do is pick a restaurant you like from the following list, and go! Every restaurant has prepared their festival special menu in their normal menu. You can choose to order dishes from either one. Lastly, some restaurants have prepare some dishes in smaller portion during the festival so the customers can try more dishes in one visit. (further information will be provided in individual restaurant’s introduction)


The list of participating restaurants includes:·

Duck House (Monterey Park).

Wok B.B.Q. (Monterey Park).

Three Travellers Bone Pot (Monterey Park)·

Chengdu Taste (Alhambra).

Hong Yei Restaurant (San Gabriel)·

Dong Ting Chun (San Gabriel)·

Little Sheep Mongolian Hop Pot (San Gabriel).

Hunan Style Restaurant (San Gabriel).

Beijing Restaurant (San Gabriel).

Spicy City (San Gabriel)·

Beijing Tasty House (Rosemead)·

Haige Star (Rowland Heights).

Zheng’s Fusion (Rowland Heights)

I confess, I may be guilty on this very site of giving a lot of praise to a lot of Chinese Restaurants, but I like to think I’ve been careful. That being said, I haven’t been to any of these places on the list of participating restaurants, though that’s only because Chengdu Taste is crowded 24/7 no matter when I try to go. It’s crowded now, but it’s on my absolute must try list, as is Duck House, as is Little Sheep Mongolian. I already know where all those restaurants are.

And now, I have an excuse.

The Website set up a little strangely.  But…who cares.  This is all about the food, baby.

Once again, that March 7th to 16th, 2014. Locations vary.