Well, it’s a Coffee shop. They’re in Los Feliz. They’ve taken the logo, and as you can see…altered it…and were at one point giving away free coffee.

This from the Samantha Schaefer and Tiffany Hsu’s piece in L.A. Times:

“Dumb Starbucks,” which the company said is not affiliated with actual the Starbucks, quietly opened Friday in Los Feliz and drew lines of people looking to grab a free cup of coffee or a selfie in front of the store.


“We are evaluating next steps and while we appreciate the humor, they cannot use our name, which is a protected trademark,” said Zack Hutson, a spokesman for the company.


A list of frequently asked questions pegs the legality of the mock store to “parody art” — an art gallery where the coffee is considered the art.


The store looks nearly identical to a typical Starbucks location — though it lacks the free Wi-Fi — with tumblers and CDs, including “Dumb Jazz Standards,” on display.


Drinks are served in cups that mock the company’s logo, while pastries are pulled from display cases straight from their Vons packaging. The menu features such offerings as Dumb Iced Coffee, Dumb Frappuccinos and Wuppy Duppy Latte.


But only iced coffees and lattes were available — free of charge — to promote the new business, an upbeat barista told customers Sunday after apologizing for the wait. Just two workers staffed the busy store, and merchandise was being delivered throughout the afternoon.


“They’re definitely not serving at Starbucks’ pace,” joked customer Jeffrey Eyster, 43, who hadn’t even made it to the door after about an hour in line.