Down in Hollywood, we have a rich, strong and vibrant Thai Community.  Anthony Bourdain said in his 2007 Episode of No Reservations that there were more Thais in our area outside of Thailand itself.

So as Angelenos and newswatchers, we’ll be keeping an eye on the Coup that happened in Thailand this morning. As news and video breaks, we’ll try to have it.

Thailand Coup

From the Washington Post:

Thailand’s military launched a coup Thursday, detaining leaders of rival factions and sweeping into the streets in a move it said was necessary to end months of political turmoil.


In a nationally televised announcement, Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, commander in chief of the Royal Thai Army, said the military takeover would help a fractious country “return to normal quickly.” But the move could also inflame tensions, eliminating an elected government and marginalizing a boisterous opposition group while putting power in the hands of military leaders who have largely stood on the sidelines in recent months.


“The military has to return peace and order to the country as soon as possible,” Prayuth said.


Soon after the coup, the military said it had suspended the constitution, officially dismissed the caretaker government and ordered cabinet ministers to turn themselves in. Prayuth was proclaimed as the head of a council that will temporarily run the country. Reports from Bangkok said local programming of the BBC, CNN and other international networks went dark.


Thailand’s army announced a nationwide curfew from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m., in effect until further notice. Meanwhile, soldiers went to various pro- and anti-government sites across the capital, Bangkok, detaining some of the leaders deemed responsible for Thailand’s protracted political crisis.


Although the extent of military control of the country was not immediately clear, initial reports indicated that troops were able to clear protest sites with relative order.