Someone FINALLY wised up over at the Bamboo Palace.

From Betty Hallock’s most welcome piece in the L.A. Times:


It looks like Empress Pavilion will rise again. A banner hanging from the facade of Bamboo Plaza on Hill Street reads: “Empress Pavilion Coming Soon.”


Andy Lau, owner of Ocean Seafood, another dim sum restaurant farther south on Hill Street, will take over the second-floor Empress Pavilion space (and continue operating Ocean Seafood as well). Lau didn’t immediately return a call for comment, but a manager at Ocean Seafood said that the new Empress Pavilion should be open in a couple of months.


The former owner of Empress Pavilion had said that its decline was tied to the dilapidation of the building, where many ground-floor retail spaces sat empty and the escalator that led directly to the restaurant had been broken for a year. At the time, Bamboo Plaza owner Anek Bholsangngam said: “I like to see everyone have good business. We all come up together.”


Bholsangngam didn’t immediately return a call for comment about the building and the new Empress Pavilion.


Meanwhile, let the steam carts roll.

Translation, the owner of the Bamboo Plaza is a cheap [CENSORED]. When he tried to chisel the Empress out of more less for apparently less services (that were affecting the bottom line), she belly up.

So right now, I have two people I distinctly don’t like or respect in the L.A. Food Scene: Anek Bholsangngam and Bill Chait.

And yes, we’re changing the status of Empress Pavilion from Closed to Closed Temporarily!