This photo comes from Jack Dolan’s Twitter feed (@jackdolanLAT).  Mr. Dolan works for the L.A. Times.

Glendora Fire 2014

Driving into work today, I was on the other side of this cloud. This shot is from Long Beach. Between us is Downtown L.A., which now looks like this:

Glendora Fire 2014 2

This photo was taken by Marc Martin (@latpix). I got it from his Twitter feed.

Now, where is the Colby Fire exactly? It’s on the far, far end of the San Gabriel Valley, near the towns of Glendora, Azusa, and San Dimas. For those of you lacking a Thomas Guide, imagine driving out to Ontario Mills, and about two-thirds of the way there, when you leave the 210 and take the 57 South? Around there.

For more real time information on the fire, click here.  Mandatory Evacuations are in effect for the next day or so.  As of the time of publication, 125 Acres have burned and the fire is at 0% containment.