Is It Any Good?

The best Tea Room in Los Angeles (at least according to L.A. Magazine)? Yeah, probably.

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If you want to talk about mistakes I’ve made while Food blogging…

I’m talking whoppers…big time.

Do you know how long I’ve been looking for the Chado Tea Room? Do you know??!?

Do you know how long it’s been staring me in the face the whole time?

Seriously, I thought what I was looking at was just…the Cafeteria. Beside the sign above it does not say Chado.

That’s what confused me.

That’s what made me lost.

So, what did I do? How did I find the Chado Tea Room to actually write this review.

In only the dumbest way possible.

Yeah, that’s right. I walked outside, and walked around the building. I went in that way to the place where I saw the words “Chado” hanging around outside.

Cue heavy sigh.

Okay, so enough of my patented and trademarked idiocy. The key point is, after looking for this place, after wanting to go to this place soooo badly for soooo long, did I actually like the Chado Tea Room?

Hell yes I did.

First of all, they had me at 400 different varietals of tea.

Well, I’m looking at the website, and it says 300. Just chalk it up to another mistake.

Look, the Chado Tea Room is a lovely venue. It what is apparently a new trend among the restaurants I explore, it has actually has more outdoor seating than indoor. When I’ve walked by, heading into the heart of the Japanese American National Museum, I’ve seen Wedding Showers going on there, Baby Showers going on there. Its a lovely place to go to lunch and nosh on nice little sandwiches, nice bowls of soup, and what not.

Yeah, it’s kinda ladylike.  It’s not a place you and the dudes are going to hang out.  (That’s what Flying Pig and Farbar are for.)

But, if you’re with a lady…any lady, your lady, his Lady…if you want to impress any lady for any reason, any time.  Then yes, go to the Chado Tea Room.  You’ll be happy there.  More importantly, she’ll be very happy there.

…oh, and as I left, I saw the Chado Tea Room sign…in the Lobby.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: You mean, in addition to some Tea?

Basically, what they serve at Chado is basically just Sandwiches, Soups and Salads. Those wanting or expecting a little Japanese food after a tour of a Museum of one of America’s greatest self-inflicted tragedies, that involved Japanese-Americans…might be a little disappointed.

Still, what you get here are some nice Sandwiches. I went a little conservative, and just had the Balzac, which is a layer of Black Forest Ham, and Swiss cheese on Buttered Bread. I paired that with the Soup of the day, which was a Tomato Bisque. Lovely. Nice combination. I wasn’t even that hungry, and I left happy.

And of course, I went with a Chai Roobios varietal for my Tea selection…and I’ve completely forgotten which exact Roobios blend I got. Of course, with 300 varieties of Tea, you might need some help. Tell your Waiter or Waitress what it is you’re into, and they’ll steer you right.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Don’t be like me. Go in through the Lobby.

I mean, nothing’s stopping you from…leaving the Museum, and walking all the way…(sigh) around the building and going in that way, but…you don’t have to.


PARKING: Scattered, and mostly limited to Paid lots and Parking Garages.  Expect to pay about $7 bucks, but that can vary.  If you’re willing to walk you may be able to find Metered Parking a a couple of blocks away from the Museum, down near Wurstkuche.   But when in doubt, consult the Little Tokyo Parking Guide that’s available at the Little Tokyo website.


Chado Tea Room
369 East First Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Tel: (213) 258-2531

Daily: 11:00am – 6:00pm