Is It Any Good?

Well, let’s call it what it is. It’s a good Sports Bar in Glendale, and in this case, it’s not a bad thing.

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Note to reader: For some unknown reason, the original posting of this review has been lost to the echoes of time (or WordPress). I did not have a backup copy, so I had to write the entire review from scratch. Good thing I’d just visited the Restaurant again. So if nothing else, I’m seeing it with fresh eyes.

Deep in the heart of Glendale’s industrial area (and yes, Glendale does have an industrial area), hugged up right next to the railroad tracks is the Golden Road Brewery. If you are an aficionado of local craft beers, if you’ve done any time drinking beer in the Los Angeles Area (or heck, even if you’ve shopped at a local Whole Foods), you’ve probably heard of, or at least seen a can of Golden Road.

But did you know they have a Pub as well?

Located just a mere five hundred feet from where the Brew is actually made, is the…well…it’s the Pub at said Golden Road Brewery. It’s a nice open space. Plenty active, plenty noisy, but lots of good positive energy. Plus Golden Road brews like 20 kinds of beer.

TWENTY kinds!!!

TWENTY kinds!!!

Actually not “like” 20 kinds…ACTUALLY 20 brands of beer, including: India Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Hefeweizen, and (yes) more.

The Pub is a Sports Bar as much as anything else. It’s faire is a bit better than most Sports Bars, but is hanging around the same neighborhood. We’re still talking Tacos, Sandwiches, Salads, and the occasional Cast Iron Lasagna (more on that later). It’s got a nice, long, zig-zaggy bar along the back wall, where you can also kick back with a tall glass of the good stuff. Seating is, shall we say, informal. There will be a smartly attired hostess waiting to show you to your seat. I think there meant to be a smartly attired hostess waiting to show you to your seat, but that’s gone the way of the dodo. Just saunter up the stairs, find yourself a spot to plop down in. Menus are already waiting for you. Your neighbor may be sharing a table with you. (like I said, informal). Wait for the helpful (and in my case, attractive) staff to show up, and order away.

Now, you could say that the Pub at the Golden Road Brewery is not going to be setting the gastronomic world on fire anytime soon. Like I said. Beer, Tacos, Salads? C’mon.

But can you get yourself a nice lunch at the Pub? Yes you can. Can you kick back and watch the game at the Golden Road Pub. Of course, yes, you can. Heck, it’s even a place where you can bring the kids as there is an ample play area, away from the rush and the noise of the Pub.

I’d say it’s a little too informal, noisy and relaxed to bring a date. But if one day, you really want to see the game, and she wants to eat…and provided you promise her with that big antiquing trip she’s been asking for, then maybe you can swing you date here for Dinner and a Sporting Event.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Well, things have changed a bit since my original visit to The Pub at Golden Road Brewing. The Pulled Pork Sandwich that I had came on a good roll, and was smothered in ground mustard. Now the Pulled Pork Sandwich is the Spicy Pulled Pork Sandwich. The ground mustard is gone, replaced with what looked like a bit of Japanese pickled onion and cucumber. And…quelle surprise…I didn’t miss the ground mustard as much as I though I would.

The Tacos were a mixed bag for me. The first time I came, I did not get a good look at the menu, and saw only the Jackfruit Tacos up there on the wall. Hungering for actual meat, I ordered them anyway. They were one of the nastiest tasting things I ever put in my pie hole. Which is a crying shame because EVERYTHING about the Taco worked. The sauce, the veggies…the sauce (man it was good). Problem is the sauce couldn’t masquerade the Jackfruit, which I discovered I hated that day.

Didn't quite do it for me, but the sauce was nice.

Didn’t quite do it for me, but the sauce was nice.

From then on out, with menu in hand, I ordered the Short Rib Tacos. Now, these weren’t bad at all. Not as tasty as I liked, nothing that’s going to challenge Roy Choi for the crown, but overall, not bad.

Still, if they could put the Jackfruit Taco’s sauce on with the Short Rib Taco’s fixings, I might ask to move in.

Then there was the Cast Iron Lasagna. Not bad. Again, we’re not setting any gastronomic records here, but I’d have this again. A nice little Lasagna (hey, you’re only paying ten bucks. “Nice little’ is a complement int his case), properly layer, nicely cheesed up. Greatest thing in the world ever? No, but you wanted a nice lunch. This and the beer of your choice is a nice lunch.

Oh, and there’s the fries. The fries are pretty damn good overall.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Well, a lot of this is going to be covered in the Parking, but just keep in mind that The Pub at Golden Road is one of those places that…for some reason is way, way easy to see from the Freeway, and harder to see once your on street level. Follow your Google Maps, and you should be okay.


PARKING: Oy. Not as easy as it looks. The Pub at Golden Road Brewing has it’s own Parking Lot, one that looks and feels perpetually filled on every visit. It’s free, and if you can find a space, more power to you. But on three separate visits to the Pub, I have yet to park in their…actually reasonably sized lot.

The next best (and only other) option is to Parking along the street, alongside the Brewery itself. There should be some places here, but even that’s a game. This is not a place where you’d going to walk a long way to get to your eats. Parking across the railroad tracks is even more out of the question. (Trust me, you ain’t gonna want no part of that). The best solution is, believe it or not, to wait till 1pm. For some reason the majority of the lunch crush hits at 12 and by about 1-15pm (at least on a weekday), starts to lighten up. There were even spaces as left. Go figure.


The Pub at Golden Road Brewing
5410 W. San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Tel: (213) 373-4677

Sunday-Tuesday: 11:00am-12:00pm
Wednesday-Saturday: 11:00am-2:00am