Is It Any Good?

Genuine pan-Asian cuisine (I mean, EVERYBODY represented) in North Hollywood.

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It was the black that first drew me in. A painted space all done in black, but trimmed with red. The look was striking from a distance…

77 Asian Kitchen

…and this being it’s grand opening and all.

You walk inside (make sure you go in through the right door, there are two of them) and it’s a humongous space. Just huge. Plenty of room for banquets, if want ’em. Traditional Chinese folk music playing on the speakers. And…


What is it?

Maybe it’s just me, I’ve been here for all of fifteen seconds and I’m still trying to get a handle on the vibe. The outside advertisers their Pho, of which they have a few. None of them with tripe, which is a bit of a concern for me. After all, I won’t touch the stuff, but I always feel better when I see it on the menu.

Okay, I get it now. It’s almost it’s own little Pan Asian food court. Yeah, look at the layout. You walk in, and you’re face to face with the To-Go Counter. Turn a bit to the left and you’ve got a Sushi Bar, with about seven or eight seats. Turn a bit further to the left and bam, you’re in the banquet hall.

See?  Grand opening.

See? Grand opening.

Man, I hope they can swing this much business.

Granted, 77 Asian Kitchen isn’t the size of something like the Empress Pavilion (man, oh, man they can’t open back up again fast enough, and I think they have) But it’ll do for room.

So, like I said. Pan Asian, which is not usually a good sign for me.

Yeah, a restaurant trying to be all things to all people…all at once? Never a good sign.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Well, they were advertising Pho, so…guess what? I got Pho.

Pho is a dish that is decently hard to screw up. (Doesn’t mean you can’t). What I had here at 77 Asian Kitchen wasn’t bad.77 Asian Kitchen

Look, the bowl came in the right shape, and size. The meat was okay. The stock was…well, a bit light for my tastes. Y’see? That’s the thing. So much of what you do with Pho has to do with what you, the eater, does with the Pho. But tasting the stock on its own, it was a touch weak. So, it ranks far, far behind what you’d get at a place like Glendale Pho Company.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Deceptively large space. Not like be-prepared-to-wander-and-get-lost space. More like, be prepared to eat in a very large, cavernous environment. No big deal, but you gotta write something for these little blurbs, ya know?



Y’see. I don’t know what to type.

Usually, I put a one word explanation of that the parking is like, and then go on to wax poetic to explain it.

So, I’m leading with Ehhhh….what does that tell you?

Basically, for a restaurant with such a huge, HUGE space, there aren’t a lot of parking spaces. Odds are you’ll find one, but there are a lot of people heading in and out of these spaces, so maybe…just maybe there will be one available at any given time, and maybe…just maybe…you’ll get it. Just know this going in. It’s going to be tight.

And I don’t even want to think about street parking. 77 Asian Kitchen is situated on a very intersection. Just be aware going in.


77 Asian Kitchen
5560 Vineland Ave.
North Hollywood CA 91601

Tel: (818) 980-8777

Daily: 11:00am to 10:00pm