Is It Any Good?

Craft Beers and Meatballs…meatballs?? In Hollywood.

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It was on a quest to get yet another copy of Uptown Magazine that brought me to Ball and Chain’s door. I parked right outside it, and went into the the International Newsstand to conduct my business. I barely even noticed it because it was so…black.

I’m not kidding. Top to bottom, the place was painted black. Ooookay, so it’s a bar. No need to worry about it. My next stop? Little Spain?

But it wasn’t a Bar. Out came one of the Bartenders, putting up a sign for lunch.

“You open now,” I asked.

“At Twelve,” she answered.

Ten minutes, I thought. Hmmm…

Literally, my entire decision making process was handled by the fact that I was parked right up in front of the Restaurant. If I didn’t have such a prime parking space, I might have gone to Little Spain as planned.

So, I waited the ten minutes and walked inside.

Okay…umm…okay, so…

How do I put this?

Ball and Chain looks like an S&M Dungeon.

I kid you not.

Now, it was kind of the idea.  Ball and Chain…Ball as in Meatball, and…chain, well…

That’s the look they were going for.

Is it me?  Do I just have a dirty mind?  Am I too afraid I’m going to get spanked when I walk in here?

Imagine for yourself a semicircular, rounded ceiling, decorated in its entirety with black bathroom tiles. Warm and friendly it’s not…

Well, warm and friendly it doesn’t immediately feel…let’s put it that way.

The Bar runs the length of the establishment. Two TVs at either end. Oh, so you can watch a game here if you wanted to.

The crowd for lunch was…well…slightly more geriatric than I was prepared for. They looked like Tourists who were caught wandering the wrong end of Hollywood. Not that this is the wrong end of Hollywood or anything. It’s just…well…mostly for locals.

Ball and Chain 2

There is a slight creep factor to weigh in here. Still, maybe the look of this place only comes out at night. During the day, for lunch, it can be a handful. Still, the restaurant makes a pretty good Meatball. With that and a mug of beer on a muggy Saturday? Life isn’t that bad all things considered.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Well, hopefully not whipped or spanked. Then again, I don’t think they do that here.

I started off with their Pork Meatball in a Grinder Sandwich. It came with some old school red sauce (Marinara). This was served on some really good bread. It’s not the largest sandwich in the world, but it was tasty enough. The good part is you won’t leave stuffed like you would with most Meatball Sandwiches. In this case, that is a good thing.

I got some Sautéed Greens on the side. These have a lovely, peppery taste them…as well as being prepared in a lot of butter. Someone was using some Chili Flakes. It was a nice side dish. As much as I liked my Grinder, I actually liked this better.

For Beer, I had Bootlegger Hefeweizen on Tap. It was nice and light, and went with the Grinder perfectly. I actually stayed for seconds.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: There really isn’t anything to say except for the Restaurant itself. Your radar will immediately tell you bar before restaurant…

…and S&M Dungeon before restaurant, but…you know…

It just has that feel from the outside. But trust me, there is food going on in there.


PARKING: There are meters along North Caheunga, Of course, that’s where I wound up. Failing that, I would have tried for one of the pay lots a half block away. You can try to park down by Amoeba or the Arclight, but that’s a touch far for this place.  You can even try Wilcox, but that means a bit of a hike through the more interesting part of Hollywood.

And no, that wasn’t a complement, Hollywood.


Ball and Chain
1643 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Tel: (323) 465-2255

Sunday-Thursday 12:00pm-12:00am
Friday-Saturday 12:00pm-2:00am