Is It Any Good?

Grilled Sausages and Grilled Cheese, Berlin style…via a Food Truck in various neighborhoods.

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Something is going on here.

First off, I appreciate Berlin Currywurst…though my exposure to said dish is limited.

Basically, what I’m saying is…I’ve had it once at one truck outside of LACMA.

Thing is…there’s this other truck. It’s also parked outside LACMA

…in about the same spot…

…and it’s got virtually the same menu.

Almost with the same…typeface.

What the heck is going–

Never mind. What do I care.  Let’s just get on with the review, shall we?

I’m a sucker for German Sausages and Belgium Fries.  No, they’re not good for me, but who cares, it’s about taste, flavor and relaxation.

And I love me some No. 1 Berlin Currywurst Truck. Haven’t seen it in a while, though I know its out there.

And so, into my life slides, the Berlin Food Truck. It’s a different truck.  It’s painted black, with most of the German Color Scheme painted on its side…but mostly black.

Berlin Food Truck does serve a good Bratwurst, and that’s all I’m really here for. It’s not Wurstkuche or anything, and I’m not even sure it’s as good as No. 1 Berlin Currywurst Truck…which is weird, given the similarities I’ve just shared with you.

Any and all future visits to LACMA, as long as I have access to German Sausages, I’ll be just fine.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: The two times I’ve visited the Berlin Food Truck, I’ve rolled with the Bratwurst and Fries, which is a good, inexpensive, satisfying meal. But I’d consider any one of the other Sausages available, as well as their Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and…yes, I’d even consider the Currywurst.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Okay, seriously…has anyone seen the No. 1 Berlin Currywurst Truck and this Truck together in the same place at the same time?

Reading their Facebook Page, I don’t know how they take reservations, but they say they do.


PARKING: It’s a Food Truck, but a food Truck that hangs out a lot near LACMA. So consult their Twitter Feed and their Facebook Page to see where they are at a given day.

That being said, it ain’t always there.


Berlin Food Truck

Location varies by day, since it’s you know…a Food Truck.