Is It Any Good?

Okay, what Korean-Mexican Tacos, and Kogi BBQ isn’t around? Then…maybe you should try this place?

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Man, if I couldn’t be Roy Choi (of A-Frame and Kogi BBQ Fame), I’d at least like to have been his Lawyer. If I had been, I would have found a way to copyright his Korean-Mexican Tacos and then I would have sued everyone who would have tried to copy them.

It’s a tough deal trying to run down what Chef Choi does, and what do you do if you can’t find his Truck nearby, or worse, A-Frame is all the way the hell across town…and you want some tacos?

Well, you settle. You settle for a Truck like Bool’s.

Now, so far a lot of this review has focused on Roy Choi, and that’s not fair to Bool’s. Let’s focus on what Bool’s does and does alone. It serves up Mexican classics with a Korean twist.

Yeah, yeah, I know that’s what Roy Choi’s does, just hear me out.

If you think about it, Mexican-American…anything is ideal for Food Trucks. Of course, before they were Food Trucks they were Mexican Taco Trucks.  Mexican-American fare is relatively quick to prepare. Some of the more popular components are designed to be hand-held. It’s relatively inexpensive to boot. And the idea of combining those strong flavors with the equally powerful flavors of Korean Barbecue (Gogigui?). That was Roy Choi’s true innovation, and like all great innovations it’s a deceptively simple one.

So why did Bool decide to go in the opposite direction?

Okay. Okay. Let me explain again.

I walk up to the window, place my order. Credit card goes swipey-swipey, and soon I am presented with a Tacos and a Quesadilla, all Korean-Mexican style, and I bite in…

…only to be treated to a dessert level of semsweetness, something I haven’t tasted any Korean Dish, anywhere. Not at Chosun, not at A-Frame, sure as hell not at Kogi.

Again, don’t get me wrong. It’s a good taco, but it was such a radical departure from what I was expecting that I had a hard time with it. That’s not Bool’s fault. That’s mine. I’m just wired that way.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Well, choose your Korean-Mexican favorite, and you can’t go wrong. If sweetness is an issue (and you can tell it is for me), then you might want to stop where you are and seeketh Kogi.

Okay, I’ll stop.

The Spicy Pork Tacos were…fine. You get a line of four of them. I probably liked the Quesadilla a bit better–


Oh my–I got it.

Okay, I know why it was driving me crazy. Lack of tang. That’s what it is.

Bool didn’t screw up the Korean part of Korean-Mexican food, they screwed up the Mexican part of the Korean-Mexican food. There wasn’t any tang to the taste, that limey-lemony or tomatoey tang you get from Mexican cooking.

Man, do you know how long I’ve been putting off this review because I couldn’t put a finger on what the @#$% was wrong?

I’m just so…relieved at this point.

But…back to the review. Okay, tacos. May not be what you’re expecting if you’ve tried the fare at Kogi BBQ.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Nothing too serious to report. I consider the last half of WHAT SHOULD I GET your warning.

But to the folks on Yelp who are saying this Truck is better than Kogi…you are delusional.

These Tacos aren’t terrible.  They’re not bad.  They’re just not Kogi.


PARKING: Since this is food truck, where you park…as well as where you can get your food, will vary from day to day.


(It’s a Food Truck, so no fixed address).

Tel: (213) 392-0369