Is It Any Good?

A very nice, very EXPENSIVE Steak House right in the heart of Glendale, at the Americana Center.

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Glendale is moving up the in the world. I mean, you look around and we got ourselves a Whole Foods, then we got the Americana Center. Once we got the Americana, that led to a Din Tai Fung. Heck, we even got the Neon Museum about to open up one of these days.

So, you figure, we’re due a high end spot like Bourbon Steak.

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Turns out, that Chef Michael Mina is of Egyptian descent. Turns out, he loves Middle eastern flavors and Asian spices. His menu at Bourbon Steak reflects this, as you can order Lamb Meatballs and Tabbouleh alongside you choice cuts.

It is a very, very elegant room to walk in. The first thing that hit me was that it reminded me of the old Tar Pit down in West L.A.  You feel underdressed walking in.

Moving through, there is a top notch, killer lounge in this space, backed by an impressive horseshoe shaped bar, with every kind of liquor imaginable.

Damn, this is almost too nice for us in Glendale.

If you’re out with the kids, you go to a movies, and…presuming their old enough, let them go to Cheesecake Factory, or something. You and Mom (or you and Dad) can slip on over here. This is more your speed. The kids are not coming here. This is a playground for the 30 and over crowd, maybe even 40 and over across. The people who will be coming here have jobs. Hell, they have lives.

Wow, is that a private room I see in the back? Through the windowpane? Nice.

Not that I’ll be using it. Those are for the whales with expense accounts.

Whoa, is that a rolling bar I see near the piano? Will they be making your cocktail table side? Again, nice.

That I might make use of.

Oh, sweet. When you order the Tartare, it will be prepared for you table-side.

Old school!

Yeah, Bourbon Steak is seriously high end. This competes with Arroyo Chop House as far as quality and level of service. It also competes on price, as in…they’re both gonna cost you to stroll through and enjoy. I think Glendale is ready for a place like this. Bourbon Steak occupies the only space for high end dining in town. After all, Glendale is a bedroom community. An Armenian, maybe a little Korean, maybe a little Phillipino bedroom community, but a bedroom community nonetheless. I just hope there’s enough business to support it.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: First off, I love how typing in Michael Mina’s Bourbon Steak into the Google Machine pulls up “The Best Steak in Town”…linking, of course, to the Michael Mina website. Sheesh.

First thing I started off with was the Duck Spring Rolls, which came with a Garlic Chili Dipping sauce. The whole thing came wrapped in a nice lettuce leaf, which…when factoring in that hunk of Pepper sitting right on top of the rolls, gave the whole thing a nice cooling effect. Pepper heats. Lettuce cools. Ying and Yang, and all that. Very nice.

Am I throwing it over for something I could get in San Gabriel? Ehhh…probably not.

Does it beat or compare to what you’d get a P.F. Chang’s? Easily.

Next came the Lamb Meatballs, perfectly prepared bits of Lamb on metal skewers. As a side vegetable, I got the Delta Asparagus. Now, what is the Delta Asparagus. It’s a mix of seven vegetables, with some ginger, some garlic and…and some Taiwanese Sausage.

Taiwanese Sausage, my Waiter said. I was sold from that moment on.

You don’t get a lot of it, but the Veggies were really great. The Lamb Meatballs superb. And they there conveniently lunch sized.

Just wish someone at Bourbon Steak lunch-sized the bill.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Bourbon Steak is not for the faint of financial heart. It is seriously, seriously expensive, which…as I said, I’m afraid is going to keep some people out of here.

When you look at the What Should You Get section, keep in mind that’s a lunch-sized small meal, with no Alcohol purchased whatsoever, and it ran me like $50 bucks.

Yeah, that expensive.


PARKING: Easy enough. Just park in the Americana’s Parking Structure, and validate from there. At most we’re talking a buck or two, free if you’re in and out of there in under an hour. Might be the cheapest part of your night at Bourbon Steak.


Bourbon Steak
237 S. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91204

Tel: (818) 839-4130

Sunday-Thursday: 11:30am-10:00pm
Friday-Saturday: 11:30am-10:30pm