Is It Any Good?

There are three places that I like to go to get Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup. This is one of them.

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My quest for all things Beef Noodle is coming to a temporary end.

Yes, the list I have worked my way through is about done. The last place I needed to, the last place on my list, was the hardest place to get to.

It was Dai Ho (no website).

Man, these hours are strange. (What do I mean? See below)

Man, the reputation for some of the staff being, well…prickly…has some traction on Yelp.

So, why…oh why…when I walked in, was I welcomed with such warm, open arms?

No, I keep my identity pretty much secret. They never know I’m coming in.

Long story short, don’t worry about what they were saying elsewhere. I liked me some Dai Ho and expect to make it a part of my circuit in and around the San Gabriel Valley. I liked the ladies who were running the joint. They were nice to the Nth degree.

Granted, my experience with Beef Noodle Soup is a bit limited to…uh…say: Sinbala, A&J Restaurant, Liang’s Kitchen, Bull Demon King, Pine & CraneHouse of Mandarin Noodle, and this place.Cash Only Banner 2.0

I even tried it at Golden China in Culver City, and…well…they should really stop.  (Seriously, please).

And the smell…have I mentioned the smell inside the restaurant yet? Whoo, lord that was good. Got to remember, Dai Ho is small, tight and compact. So the smell of the kitchen goes everywhere, and makes you want to order…everything.

Fine. Fine. I’ve got one stomach. I’ll stick to the Beef Noodle Soup No. 5, some complimentary Hot Tea (even though its a thousand degrees out there today). But that ice cold can of Coke is a must have.

But you came here for a food review, so…


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Beef Stew Noodles No. 5. I have been slavishly devoted to Sinbala for years now. And I have fallen hard for the ladies who run House of Mandarin Noodle as well. But damn it, it the Beef Stew Noodles wasn’t right up there.

I heard a lot of stories about the stock, about it’s depth, it’s flavor and…dammit if the mysterious “they” weren’t right on the money. The stock is fantastic. Maybe the best out of the restaurants.

Past that, make sure you get a cold, cold Coke because the Beef Stew Noodles is spicy, spicy, spicy.

Good, intoxicating, even, but spicy. And when I saw spicy, I means spicy. Make sure you have something cold and refreshing to put that oh-so delicious fire out.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Like virtually (not all) every other Taiwanese Noodle joint in and around the Los Angeles area, this one is cash only. Remember to hit the ATM before visiting.


PARKING: Decently easy. Dai Ho has their own little lot hugged up right next to the restaurant, and I was able to find parking there. Bear in mind that it fills up fast, so…it’s a lottery if you get a space. Loma Ave. is a possibility. (Loma is the street you turned onto to get at the Dai Ho Parking Lot). The places right across from the restaurant are all right, but bear in mind, if you keep going down Loma, that’s a residential area. Keep a lookout for signs indicating if you need a Permit to park there. And be respectful of the neighbors if you can park there.


Dai Ho
9148 Las Tunas Dr.
Temple City, CA 91780

Tel: (626) 291-2295

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 11:00am-3:00pm. (You read that right)

Cash Only Banner 2.0