Is It Any Good?

Decent Hot Dogs, Sausages (and Beer, BEER I say) not too far from Old Town Pasadena.

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My love for Wurstkuche knows no bounds. It is without at doubt my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles.

(Okay, a little bit of a doubt, Savoy Chicken and Tokyo Fried Chicken Company are rapidly closing in.)

My love for sausages and pork products also is deep and unreserved, but to get to Wurstkuche, you gotta make a drive allllll the way into Downtown or Venice. Can’t do that every day.

What do you do if you have a hankering for Sausage, but want to get it a little closer to home? Well, maybe you swing by Dog Haus.

Traversing the 626 for fine, fine Chinese cooking, I started seeing these places cropping up. At first I thought it was some kind of national chain buying up the Alhambra real estate, but…it turns out, Dog Haus is a local chain.

(NOTE: Errr, yeah.  Not so much a local chain anymore.  It’s gone quite national.)

Despite it’s slightly fast-food exterior, you step inside, and it’s a got a bit of sports bar going on inside. This is a good thing. We don’t need a lot of pretension when it comes to our smoked meats and Charcuterie (fine, hot dogs. I should have said hot dogs). You look at the menu, you’ve got a wide variety of American Comfort classics, as well as a bunch of beers on tap.

(NOTE: Yeah.  Appartently not all locations have Beer.  Though the Pasadena Branch says it’s coming soon as of publication.)

Simply put in an order, take your number and wait for the magic to arrive.

Hell, the game was even on in a corner of the area. Fantastic. What more could I ask for on a Sunday afternoon?

(NOTE: Yeah, another note.  Not all locations have TVs.)

Now, is it as good as Wurstkuche? No, but…screw that. Even though they’re both selling Sausages and Hot Dogs, they’re not really meant to be in competition with each other. Foodies are going one place and everyone else is coming here. Dog Haus specializes in the comfort part of the comfort food classics. It makes you happy, and gives you a reason to come back. I’d say it’ll do in a pinch, but it’s better than that.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Well, duh. What do you think you’re getting when you go to a place called Dog Haus?

Well, for you, you got your Haus Dogs and your Haus Sausages, which cost a buck more.

So let me start off with a flashback to a previous review.

I went full throttle. I got the Abe Froman, which is a Tri-Pepper Kielbasa with White American Cheese, sautéed jalapeños, grilled onions and…a fried egg.


You can guess what pulled me in.


Now, who’s Abe Froman? Sigh. Did you not grow up in the nineties?

I gotta tell you, this was spicy…even for me. I am when I say spicy, I mean SPICY. Bordering on painful, and picked the jalapeños off.


I’ve got Texas level Spice tolerance, and this thing was killing me.


On top of the calorie heaven I found myself in (I also paired my Abe with a Mexican Coke and some Onion Rings), it turns out the Bun is Hawaiian Bread, that sweet soft bread you can get if you know where to look. So it looked (and tasted like), they buttered up that already sweet, sweet bread and put it on the griddle for a bit, then served it with a pretty good kielbasa. Not the best in town, but damn, damn good.


But I need to go back and try something less…lethal. But adding a fried egg to a Sausage, a damn good notion. Keep up the good work, Dog Haus.



I’m not in the mood for another cross out.  So, the Abe Froman stuff is going to stay…even if it’s not on the Menu anymore.  The King’s Hawai

This time I went for the Pig Lebowski, which is a Polish Kielbasa (freshly prepared), Haus Fries (which are pretty good), Haus Slaw, and barbecue sauce.  Overall, not bad…though its like eating a salad atop your dog, which itself is buried in a softball mitt-like in a mound of King’s Hawaiian bread.  The Fries were good, and come with a variety of ketchups.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: This is one of the few places in Los Angeles that when they say spicy, they mean spicy (in case you skipped the last section).

Did I mention the Abe Froman was spicy?


PARKING: Plentiful. Dog Haus in Pasadena is part of a small retail/office complex with three other restaurants.  Dog Haus sits atop a small parking garage.  There are usually enough spaces, and…the best part is, Parking’s Free.

Failing that, you can park on East Union.


Dog Haus (Pasadena)
105 N Hill Ave #104
Pasadena, CA 91106

Tel: (626) 577-4287

Daily: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm