Is It Any Good?

Gee, guess what these guys serve at the Grand Central Market.

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My first trip to the Grand Central Market was all about Sticky Rice, and…if you’ll recall, I left quite happy.  (If you don’t recall, go ahead and catch up if you like by clicking here.)

But I took a moment to wander the Grand Central Market after my meal there, and I discovered that the most crowded, hardest to get a seat place was right up front…Eggslut.

First off, gotta say, I love the name. Some might be offended, sure, but I get the feeling the people who ran this Food truck (that later became the Grand Central Market stall) were big Anthony Bourdain fans.

No evidence mind, you…just a hunch.

First off, for something that’s just a counter inside a Market, it is a spectacular looking space. Just looking at it makes you want to saddle up and have whatever it is they’re offering. You hit the Cash register first, then have a seat. The menu options are few, but then again I call that focused. After that you grab a seat at the immense countertop…if you can.

V33- 070

Good luck with that.

After just kick back, and watch the little show as some extremely expert cooks handle your order with love and care.

You know, I’m gonna stop talking, and get on to the food portion of this review.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Okay, for some reason…Eggslut has a Tumblr, and…not a very obvious link to their Menu, so…there’s that.

Once I laid eyes on a menu, I got one of their Breakfast Sandwiches, this one featuring Sausage and (surprise) Egg. I had an option of whether or not to get said sandwich put in between two house made Biscuits.

Like I could say no to that.

Granted, the whole thing pit together is more than a mouthful. Figured I was gonna have to dislodge my jaw in order to get the dang thing in, but when I did…man was I happy. It’s a big ooey, gooey, golden, crispy brown mess, a mess that I wouldn’t have parted with for the world.

This is an actual Eggslut, as in the dish.  It is Gently coddled egg, richly pureed potato. Shower of coarse salt, chive.

This is an actual Eggslut, as in the dish. It is Gently coddled egg, richly pureed potato. Shower of coarse salt, chive.

They also have their own bottled Raw Organic Orange juice, and…while I don’t usually review OJ selections on this site, but drinking this stuff was like tasting sunshine for the first time. It was that fresh, that delicious. Problem is they come at you in 10 ounce shots at a time, so I had to buy two, which at 4 bucks a shot wasn’t cheap, but…ultimately it was worth it.

Trust me, one sandwich, one or two OJs…you’ll be full.  Most of all, you’ll be happy.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: First things first, get in line first before sitting at the counter. Stools are at a premium, and deems the rules.

Then there’s that no online menu…thing.

Eggslut does take credit cards, which for some reason I feel it important to highlight at the Grand Central Market.

Remember what I said about the Counter being impossibly huge. There is probably more actual counter space than there are seats, so be prepared to stand if necessary.


PARKING: Okay. The Grand Central Market does have it’s own Structure, and unlike my visit to Sticky Rice, I actually knew were it was this time. Isn’t that something?

The place looks like it doesn’t have an overabundance of spaces so I can’t tell you how crowded it gets, especially since I showed up at 8am to have me some breakfast. Just make sure that when you leave your car, you make a note of what Fruit is on display.

Central Market

Yes, you read that right.

The Parking Structure Levels are indicated by a food item. I was on Level 3…or Banana.

Trust me, you need to know this because on your return trip to your care, the Elevator levels are marked with those same food graphics.

Also, make sure you get your Ticket Validated. Now, it’s a bit more complicated than I’d like, but it helps with the whole…automated theme going on here. First, get Ticket stamped at Eggslut. Then, take stamped ticket over to Information Counter, which is directly opposite the Elevators. You’ll be staring at it as you get out of the Garage. The Security Guy there will then mark your card, allowing you to get out of the Garage, if you’re in and out in under an hour. Anything over and hour, and you’ll have to pay via Credit/Debit Card.

Got it?

I know. Just roll with it.


Grand Central Market
317 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Tel: None Listed

Monday-Sunday 8 am – 4 pm