Is It Any Good?

A slightly (slightly?) disorganized Greek Restaurant in Glendale.

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Elena’s Greek Armenian Cuisine has been popping up on my local food radar for a while. After all, when you live in a predominantly Armenian community, you better get used to eating the cuisine of the Mediterranean.

Not that that is such a chore, mind you.

As much of a devoted fan as I remain of all manner Chinese, Japanese, and Asian cooking general, there is just so much to love about the Mediterranean. The flavors pop. They are tough. They are assertive. They don’t kid around. I’ve just to got to go out and learn all the different types of Mediterranean you can get: Lebanese, Lebanese Meza, Persian, Greek. It’s a virtual circus of types and flavors, all of which still need to be cataloged by your humble publisher.

So…when you hear about a top flight Mediterranean restaurant that serves a knowledgeable Mediterranean clientele, how do you resist, right?

So what the hell went wrong?

Elena's Greek Armenian Cuisine in Glendale.

Of course, I go in on a weekend, during the lunch crush, so yeah…it’s crowded. It’s crowded as hell. That’s to be expected. But there’s a small tiny table by the door, and the Waitstaff squeezes me in. I slide in. I make my selections, and I wait.

And wait…

And wait…

Now, a little chaos in the kitchen can lead all sorts of problems, and I usually don’t mind a little chaos, or a little waiting. But when you’re actively serving people who came in behind me, when you’re taking their orders and running them into the kitchen, well…I did the only thing a stand up Food Blogger could do.

I got up and left.

Now, fortunately, one of the Waitstaff wrangled me back into my chair when I told her, quite directly, quite loudly that I leaving…and why. She quickly came by and got my order, and leaving me to wait…and wait…and wait again.

Let me say first, that the food was good, very good, every bit as good as advertised…when it finally got there. But the getting there part was a total pain the ass. It’s going to keep me from coming back.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: I got the Half Lamb, Half Lulu Kabob combo platter. Again, these were fantastic dishes. All of them wonderfully tasty, wonderfully spiced. Yeah, if you can get it there, it’s a good meal.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Be patient, like I said…either the crew of the kitchen is massively disorganized.


PARKING: Weird. There is apparently a church parking lot around the corner, but I never made it that far. I parked along Glendale Ave, which is a bit dicey. There aren’t a lot of places along there but at least it’s close to the door.

Elena's Greek Armenian Cuisine in Glendale.

Elena’s Greek Armenian Cuisine
1000 S. Glendale Ave
Glendale, CA 91205

Tel: (818) 241-5730

Monday-Saturday: 11:00am – 9:30pm
Closed Sunday