Is It Any Good?

“The” Beef Noodle Soup joint in the San Gabriel Valley.

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One cannot live on Beef Noodle Soup alone.

Believe me, I’m trying.

I somehow got myself a list of all the best Beef Noodle soup places in Los Angeles (or at least San Gabriel). And one by one, I’ve been working my way down the list. I’ve been meaning to hit House of Mandarin Noodle for a while, but every time I’ve looked its way, Urbanspoon has hinted that it’s closed…at least for lunch.

Finally, one fine Saturday, I just said screw it, and headed down.

The Restaurant itself is attached to…well…do I want to call it a strip mall? I guess. It’s really just the House of Mandarin Noodle, a Grocery Store and another fast food place. That’s it.

The space itself is pretty low key. Families and neighborhood folk. They also do a bit of To-Go business as well. It’s a bit away from the main drag of Las Tunas, so you can eat pretty comfortably and just…well…relax.

And like most Taiwanese places in the Temple City/Las Tunas Area, it’s a cash only establishment. I don’t know why I was surprised. I should have seen that one coming a mile off. If you’re looking for Beef Noodle Soup in the San Gabriel Valley, make sure you hit an ATM before hand. That’s just the way it is.Cash Only Banner 2.0


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: I got the Pan Fried Meat Dumplings because…well, I’m just weak like that. Taiwanese style, the Dumplings are huge. HUGE I tells ya! And they’re not like the kind you get at Din Tai Fung. These are Pan Fried, like I try to do at home only…House of Mandarin Noodle does them better. Brown on the bottom. The consistency of the Dumplings reminds me of Lule Kabob for some reason. Still, Dumplings are a must have item for me.

And since I cannot avoid the star of the show when I come to a place like House of Mandarin Noodle, I got the Beef Stewed Noodle Soup. It’s No. 38 on your menu. This was pretty amazing. After touring the San Gabriel Valley, going up and down trying to taste every bit of Beef Noodle Soup wherever I can. I gotta say, this was my favorite sip/bite since my original visit to Liang’s Kitchen. Wonderful stock. Awesome stock. Will have to visit here many, many times to reconfirm this taste sensation.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Yeah, the Cash Only signs…only on the inside. Inside, they’re everywhere, but coming in…?

Look, at this point, I’ve just learned to assume that if you don’t see VISA or Mastercard Stickers on the front door of an establishment, the place is Cash Only.

Oh, and no links because…well…no webpage.


PARKING: Easy enough. The Parking lot is free and open, and carries enough spaces to handle the Grocery Store next door. So it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


House of Mandarin Noodle
4819A Temple City Blvd.
Temple City, CA 91780

Tel: (626) 286-1689

Monday: 10:00am – 9:30pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday-Sunday: 10:00am – 9:30pm

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