Is It Any Good?

A visitor from afar (as in Vancouver) here visiting for the 626 Night Market.

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The first time I saw Japadog, the first time I ever heard of Japadog was watching the Vancouver episode of No Reservations.

There’s Tony, giving longtime sidekick Nari Kye (AKA, “Little Buddy” from the Korea Episode) a hard time as she co-produces her first Episode. It’s about seven minutes into the episode. It’s raining, and of course, Nari has to hold Mr. Bourdain’s umbrella lest a drop of rain get on him.

“Protect the hair. Protect the hair.”

But of course, even in a rain shower, Tony’s nose for meat-in-tube-form, remains unparalleled. He sniffs out Vancouver Mainstay: Japadog, and it’s infamous Terimayo Dog.

Man, did that look good.

Man, did I want one.

But man, I could not book a flight to Vancouver immediately.

Even my brief trip to Vancouver to see my Godfather happened before I saw this episode, so I didn’t know the know of Japadog was out there waiting for me.

Oh, where…oh where could I get a Japadog.

Thank God (again)…for the 626 Night Market.

The place I actually saw it first was at the Downtown Night Market. Only problem was I was so stuffed full of spicy Lamb Sticks that I didn’t have room for what was going to be the true love of my Night Market Life, the Terimayo Dog. For a time, I thought I had lost my chance at it.

But the 626 Night Market brought Japadog to Arcadia, and finally, finally I was able to avail myself of it’s grilled and meaty treats.

Yeah, I had two.

Damn that was good.

I can only hope that Japadog’s frequent visits to the Los Angeles Market, meant they’re—

–wait, what’s that again?

What do you mean they’re already here? WHERE?

Little Tokyo? Yeah, that figures.

Apparently, reading the Japadog Website, they tried to do this in New York City, but the location wound up closing. Now, according to their hip and happening website, they’re planning on focusing on California, with locations in Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Hollywood. And apparently, the Little Tokyo location is up and running.

Guess where I’m headed tomorrow??


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: It’s not so much what you should get, as it is…what order you should have them.

That being said, skip the Plain Dogs, and go right for the Specialty section of the menu. Start with the classic Terimayo. It’s the signature Japadog all-beef Hot Dog, with sweet Teriyaki sauce, some Daikon Radish (or was that onion?) Wasabi Mayo and a sprinkling of dried seaweed.

The Terimayo at Japadog.

Like I said, I had two.

The next one I’m having is the Yakisoba one, covered in delicious, spicy Yakisoba noodles and Japanese pickles.

Just…work your way down the list.

Oh, and for my Vegetarian friends, at least my Vegetarian friends that eat Seafood, can try the Ebi Tempura Dog, which is made of Tempura fried Shrimp.  I even think the Shrimpy Chili one would be safe.  And if they get around to making the Salmon Dog, that should be good for Vegetarians as well.

But when push comes to shove, you can always get the straight-ahead, plain Veggie Dog as well.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Just…keep this place in business. Daddy needs Japadog!


PARKING: Since we’re now talking the Little Tokyo Area, consult our Little Tokyo Parking Guide-slash-link. You can also do Metro if you need to.


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