Is It Any Good?

Basic, good melted cheese Sandwiches in Glendale.

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NOTE: This location is temporarily closed for remodeling. It is expected to re-open soon.

What does one do, when you are a good blogger and confronted with a place like The Melt? I mean this is not a place were supposed to frequent much less eat at. It’s just a quickie fast food place, right? Just grab your melted cheese and, right?

Well yes and no.

All those things are true, yet at the same time, we should give places like this their due. I’ve been to a lot of comfort food palaces in the last couple of weeks, and…well, it’s just nice someone’s doing something other than burgers.

And in such a pristine, clean, environment.

The trick here simple. You pick out a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, saunter up and order.

Wow, that’s complicated.

And wow, that’s probably what’s going to keep most foodies out of here. Fine by me.

As you wait, they have an order board that will keep you apprised as to where your sandwich is on the pecking order.

They even encourage social networking with their #grilledcheesehappiness hashtag (damn, that’s long). Yes, they are actively encouraging you to take photographs of your Melts. (Granted, it’s a lot more fun sneaking a shot of your food, so some of the fun has been taken out of that.)

Look, there’s nothing extraordinary about the Melt’s Sandwiches. They haven’t reinvented the wheel or hooked into some new gastronomic trend. They’re just good. Extraordinarily good? Rock the culinary world good? No, just good.

Was a time when that was good enough. When did we stop valuing that??


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: The two times I’ve gone, I’ve been drawn in both times by the Egg-In-A-Hole, which features aged cheddar, and a farm egg on Sourdough. You will get a small hit of sulfur from your cooked egg, but what makes this sandwich…and all of their sandwiches happy and magical, is the completely gratuitous, completely unnecessary, but completely delicious addition of butter to the griddle as the bread toasts. Ooooh, baby.

Usually, your Melt will be paired with a soup and/or chips to top things off. Their Spicy Black Bean and Sweet Corn Tortilla are both not bad. Their Two Tomato Basil is out of this world good, and what I would get next time I’m here.

The Melt also makes a vicious, tasty (albeit small) Chocolate Milkshake.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Hmm. What’s tricky about this place? Hmm.

Ummm…nothing. Sorry, nothing to really warn you about.

Oh, they’ve got one of them fancy four dial soda…dispensers. It’s a little weird to work, so…

Also, you may notice that neither the Urbanspoon, nor the Foodio Badges are on this review. There’s a reason for that.

Y’see, both Urbanspoon and Foodio require PHONE NUMBERS for the listings to be posted, and The Melt REFUSES to share said Phone Numbers, well…you can guess the rest.

And for the record, since they don’t care I don’t care, and yes, this does put a damper on how I feel about the restaurant. If you’re not good enough to give me a phone number, I don’t know what to think of you.


PARKING: Like you would for all things Americana, first option is the Americana Parking structure. If you can get in and out in 90 minutes, it’s free. If you want to see a movie before or after, you’ll get a few more hours time on top of that.

If you want to do some shopping of an indeterminate length, think about parking at the Glendale Galleria across the street. It’s free, and you just have to cross the street. Plus, parking there will give you access to even more shops.


The Melt (Americana)
161 Caruso Avenue (on South Brand Blvd)
Glendale, CA 91210

Tel: Unknown

Sunday-Thursday 10:00am – 9:00pm
Friday-Saturday 10:00am – 10:00pm
Closed on July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day